The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 31-32
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Story by Wellsny44   Chapter 31   Charles Bryant loosened the many straps which bound Superman to the padded table. The Man of Steel lay face down, immovable and moaning softly. Bryant pulled off the ripped panties and silk pants and dropped them to the floor. “Come Superman, try to stand so we can get back to the room.” He helped Superman from the table but the defeated man was unable to stand on his own. His knees screamed painfully and he sagged against Bryant. He would have fallen but Bryant grabbed him about the waist and supported him. Supermans face, throat, chest and shoulders were streaked with drying blood. Bryant slowly walked him back to the master bedroom holding him as they walked. “How could you let her beat and bloody me like that? Have you no decency?,” Superman asked weakly. Bryant simply said, “What makes you think I’m in charge of Mona?” Once in the bedroom Bryant helped him lie on the bed face down. Bryant said, “Let me give you something that will ease… Read More »The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 31-32