Superman Rides “The Lightning”

Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Epilogue
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Author: Lcross Epilogue   After departing the English manor house Clark Kent investigated the property and discovered the sprawling manor house and the accompanying estate is “For Sale.” The manor house has been vacant for several months. Clark contacted the estate’s realtor who informed him the elderly Lord Melbourne died last year and had no heirs. Clark reported that he received reports of suspicious activity at the manor house. In turn the realtor promised to have a constable check the estate. Hours later she called back reporting that the area’s constables had checked the mansion and it was “ship shape.” The mansion was found locked up tight and empty. She informed Clark that the upstairs west drawing room he specifically inquired about was used a house arrest late last century. Apparently 30 years ago one of Lord Melbourne’s cousins had a run in with the law and was confined to the mansion to serve his sentence, thus the barred windows. Oddly someone appeared to have snapped a padlock on one set of bars leaving the window open. Otherwise the room was… Read More »Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Epilogue

Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Chapter 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Author: Lcross Chapter 2   Moments after the loud school bell grows silent the large oaken door to the classroom of horrors slowly creaks open. The door sweeps open and Harry sticks his head wearily inside and whispers loudly toward the lectern, “Joker did the green rock work on Superman?” Behind the lectern the head master with seaweed color hair and white ghastly face excitedly motions the boys to come forward and cautions, “I told you to not to call me Joker! Anyway, class is ready to begin. Come boys! See for yourselves…fear not….I have rendered Superman completely powerless. He’ll be breaking no more chains or bending any iron during this class! Come! Go ahead get a closer look at the once mighty – once omnipotent Superman. Look….BUT DO NOT touch boys!” Harry eyes grow wide when he spies Superman stripped naked and strapped down sitting in “The Lightning.” “Blimey, the Joker has stripped the bloke naked mates. Brilliant!” Harry breaks into a trot followed by Bertie and John; the shirtless boys in worn overalls and ratty sneakers dash towards the… Read More »Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Chapter 2

Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Chapter 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]Hey this is another story by Lcross, I didn’t remember this story a member of a MeWe’s Group named Fetish of Superman was looking for it. This story is part of a serie named “The Further Adventures of Superman” the author divided in 3 parts with multiple chapters: Part 1: Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Part 2: “Superman’s Night in the Museum” Part 3: “Allure of Kryptonite” Please enjoy.   Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Author: Lcross Chapter 1   As per a third party arrangement via a foreign charity Superman has agreed to fly to England. As per request Superman stages a grand entrance through a tall open window on the second floor of an expansive 18th century English manor house far north of London. Superman has agreed to visit the sprawling English estate to address a private class consisting of the sons of an English noble in return for a rather substantial donation to the charity of Superman’s choice. As planned at the appointed hour Superman touches down lightly entering the manor house through a specified window of a private classroom. His polished red boots… Read More »Superman Rides “The Lightning!” Chapter 1