The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 71-72
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The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman

Story by Wellsny44


Chapter 71A


Moments later the door to Charles Bryant’s bedroom opened and Mona strode in followed by a naked Lois Lane. Obediently trailing several paces behind her Mistress. Her statuesque body dirty and streaked with sweat. Her ass was an angry red from the paddling she had gotten. Mona pulled Lois in front of her, presenting her for Bryant’s approval. Neither woman said anything as they looked down at the two naked men. Their cocks were barely hidden by the black satin sheets across their waists. In the dim light of the bedroom, both men looked like demi-gods and it was quite apparent to the two women that both men had just finished love-making. Superman had a relaxed, flushed look to his face as he contemplated his naked, disheveled wife. Lois returned his look with concentrated fury in her eyes. It was he, this broken, defeated superhero, who had given Mona the OK to whip her ass with the leather paddle. She had vowed he would pay for that. Regardless of the fact that he could have had her ass branded for her infidelities. Bryant looked the captive reporter over and finally said, “Mona, she looks like a used street whore. Take her to the bathroom and bathe her. Clean her up and let her put some makeup on. Fix her hair. Then bring her back here to me and Superman. Sweet Mona, it’s time you and I had some fun with our two new acquisitions.” Mona said nothing but her dark eyes smoldered their approval. She turned abruptly and walked off to the huge bathroom. Lois Lane submissivly followed her. Lois knew that Mona was going to prepare her and ready her for Charles Bryant. Lois Lane, captured wife of the worlds mightiest superhero, had no doubts about what awaited her this evening. She was to become a sexual plaything for both Charles Bryant and this mysterious woman, Mona. Pleasuring them both as her husband watched. Lois felt weak with desire at the prospect of her impending ravishment in front of her mate, Superman. She wanted Bryant to fuck her hard. She wanted him to fuck her in front of Superman. To pound his thick cock into her pussy until she begged for more. To cum on her face so Superman could see it. In fact, she ached with need to be treated this way. Nothing else mattered except the satisfaction of her desires.



Chapter 71B


On black satin sheets in the darkened bedroom of his captor, Superman lay in Charles Bryant’s arms. He listened to the soft sounds coming from the bathroom where Mona had taken a naked, subdued Lois Lane to bathe her. Bryant had ordered her bathed and returned to his bedside. Superman could hear the two women talking although he could not make out what they were saying. From time to time he heard Mona murmur something in an approving tone followed by her soft laugh. Lois too could be heard a few times laughing softly. The Man of Steel wondered at the resilence of his wife. Just minutes earlier she had groveled at Mona’s feet following a severe whipping and now it seemed they were old friends reunited. Then he realized the reason: His wife, one of the most admired women in the world, although gifted and talented, was helplessly in love with Mona. A woman who had reduced her to the status of a lesbian plaything. A girl-toy to this mysterious, cat-suited dominatrix. The conquored superhero felt a pang of grief and loss at the conquest of his wife but at the same time he felt a growing excitement. An awareness that this night would be different than other evenings here in this tropical paradise, this prison island where he had been seduced and taught to suck cock. Charles Bryant had mentioned to Mona that Batman might attempt a rescue of Superman and Lois and he wished to discuss that. The fallen hero wondered to himself if freedom could be near and did he want it if it arrived. The confused and fallen superhero could not be certain what he did not want but knew with surety what he did want and need. He needed to kneel before Charles Bryant. To pleasure him with his mouth and  ody. The defeated hero ached to be fucked hard by his conquorer……..His thoughts were interupted by the arrival of the two women from the bath. Both were clad only in towels wrapped about their lush bodies. Their hair still damp from the bath, the air was filled with the scent of their clean, perfumed flesh. The two alluring brunettes walked to Bryant’s side of the bed. Lois looked hungrily into Bryant’s eyes and pulled the towel open, exposing herself. Ignoring Superman as though he did not exist she spoke to Bryant in an aroused voice, “All yours Charles. Take me, tell me how I can please you. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Unseen beneath the satin sheet, Superman’s cock had grown rock-hard at the brazen display his wife was putting on.



Chapter 72A


Charles Bryant reached up and took Lois by the wrist and gently pulled her down into the bed next to him. She eagerly complied snuggling tight against his muscular body. Pushing her breasts against his side and her pussy tight against his firm leg. Mona, needing no urging, climbed in on Bryant’s other side. The charismatic multi-billionaire had the two women on either side of him as the three of them sat up amidst the satin pillows. Bryant adjusted a remote from the bedside table, pointing it at a large TV screen. Superman, lay alone on the sleek satin sheet, marginalized and ignored on the far side of the huge bed. Miserable in his thoughts as he contemplated his exclusion from the threesome on the other side of the bed. His cock, made hard by Lois and her brazen posing before Charles Bryant, slowly softened. The Man of Steel contemplated the many nature documentaries he had watched in which the most powerful stag, walrus, bull or lion took possession of his harem after defeating his rival in battle. It dawned on him that he was that defeated rival and the stronger, alpha male would now enjoy the spoils of that battle. So total was his mental conquest that he thought it was entirely appropriate that Bryant, having defeated him, should rightfully enjoy the spoils of battle, namely his shapely, passionate wife, Lois Lane.>>>>>>>>At last Bryant finished with the settings on the remote and spoke quietly, “Now Lois, let us see what we have to fear from this Batman. The superhero that the worlds mightiest man, your husband, believes may come to rescue you two.” The screen came to life revealing Charles Bryant standing at the foot of the very bed they were lying in. He was wearing a white silk robe tied about the waist. His hair was damp and uncombed as if he had just left the shower. The silk robe did little to conceal his powerful frame. It was apparent that the camera was hand-held by someone, probably Mona. Bryant stood still, looking at the doorway to his bedroom. Then the door opened and in the dim light a powerfully built, tall, muscular man entered. He was barely visible in the dim light of the room but there was no doubt that this person was clad in the exact costume Batman wore. Superman sat up and watched intently as did his wife, Lois Lane. The Batman figure walked up to Bryant and spoke in a soft voice, “I came as soon as I was able to.” Superman scrutinized every detail of the Batman costume and realized it was extremely accurate in it’s detail. The Batman figure stepped closer to Bryant kissing him lingeringly on the lips. “I’ve missed this,” he said. “Yes,” Bryant said huskily, “I have too. Get rid of that cape” The Batman figure unsnapped the cape and dropped it to the floor at the foot of the bed where the two powerfully built men stood. Bryant sat down on the end of the bed and said softly to the garbed Batman figure, “Now, slowly, strip for me.” Slowly, sensually, the Batman figure stripped. Boots, tights, utility belt, pants, shirt, everything he wore save his mask fell to a pile on the floor. When the black nylon briefs were stripped off, an audible gasp was heard from Lois and a murmer of appreciation from Charles. This man was a stud. Even Superman felt a pang of envy at the size of that rock- hard cock. Bryant wasted no time savoring that hard male flesh. He put a hand on each of the lean hips and drew that magnificent cock forward to his lips. Superman felt an actual pang of jealousy as he watched Bryant licking, sucking and enjoying that manhood. Finally Bryant could stand no more and stood up. “On your knees,” he whispered hotly to the man in the bat-mask. The man instantly obeyed and Bryant placed a hand on either side of the cowl and slowly buried his cock in that hot, waiting mouth. A loud sigh of pure ectasy escaped Bryant’s lips as the bat-figure eagerly began pleasuring his hard, dripping cock. Several minutes went by while Bryant took his pleasure from the kneeling, masked man. Finally he could take no more and spoke, “Lose the mask. I’m gonna cum. Now, you’r gonna get it all. On your face, in your mouth.” Two demi- gods, one in command and one on his knees. “Shit,” Bryant cried passionatly, “I’m cumming.” The kneeling man had only a moment in time. He quickly unmasked as Bryant’s cock erupted with spurt after spurt of hot cum on his submissive face. Stunned, Superman and Lois Lane watched in shock as a kneeling Bruce Wayne did his masters bidding and the cum splashed on his face and lips. All the defeated Man of Steel could think was, “Oh God, not Bruce too.”


Chapter 72B


Charles Bryant, at long last, lay in his bed savoring total triumph over the Man of Steel and his wanton, willing wife. Superman, completely tamed and submissive lay next to him, naked and aroused. Lois Lane knelt naked on his other side, needfully urging Bryant to fuck her. Under the satin sheets Bryant’s hand drifted slightly, finding Superman’s aroused cock and bringing a low gasp of pleasure as Bryant’s knowing hand slowly manipulated that thick cock. Bryant looked into the glazed eyes of Lois and thought to himself, “No Lois,  you’r Mona’s toy for the night.” Still he wanted symbolic surrender of the two captives. In a low whisper he commanded Lois to kneel between his legs as he lay proped up amoung the satin pillows. Lois scrambled to do his bidding and quickly yanked down the black satin sheet covering the lower part of the two handsome men. She gasped when she saw Superman’s hard cock encircled by Charles Bryant’s powerful hand. She knew then that The Man of Steel now belonged to Bryant. She realized for the first time that their conquest was complete and they were now willing sex-slaves belonging to the man and woman who now held them enthralled in this magnificent bedroom. Bryant’s gentle command pulled her back from her thoughts. “Gently, wetly and slowly Lois, lick and suck me all over. From stomach to thighs Lois, lick everything.” Lois got down on her stomach, sliding her arms under Bryant’s smooth powerful legs. Positioning herself to gain maximum access to this man who had conquored her husband. Bryant gently moved Superman closer to him so his face lay flat on Bryant’s hard stomach. Better to watch his wife’s debasement. Lois had begun and a dreamy look of pleasure was on her face. She followed instructions and slowly and wetly her expert tongue and lips went about the erotic task. Mona sat contentedly in a chair next to the bed as Lois demonstrated her unequalled skill in giving oral pleasure. Mona would use those skills to the max for the balance of this night. Perhaps ten minutes into this erotic torture, Bryant’s cock was was beginning to drip cum steadily and he knew he could not hold out much longer. Bryant noted with satisfaction that, although he had not touched Superman’s hard-on, that impressive, long, thick cock continued to throb and twitch with need. Ever the skilled master of the fallen superhero, Bryant whispered to Superman, “See your wife, she can’t get enough of my cock. You were never super. Without you powers you’r just another pussy with a wife just waiting to be taken away.” Superman moaned submissivly and Bryant urged him lower. Now his face was just inches from where Lois was pleasuring that thick cock. Her head bobbing up and down and she worked to release the cum she needed so desperatly. “Tell me Superhero,” Bryant whispered passionatly to the utterly defeated hero, “Should I cum in her mouth.” Superman again moaned weakly and submissivly. The moan itself being the answer. “You do, don’t you, you weak, pathetic bitch. You’r not a man at all, just an obedient bitch, are’nt you? Say it. Say you’r my bitch. Say you want me to cum in her mouth. Say it!!” Superman panted, “Yes, ooohh yes. I’m your bitch, your bitch. Forever your bitch” Bryant was in a frenzy of sexual heat and about to cum. He pushed Superman lower so his lips were just inches from the hard cock that Lois was pleasuring. “Say the rest, you pussy. Say it!” The last tiny spark of any resistance to his enslavement flickered out and Superman whispered, I want you to cum in her mouth, yes, cum in her mouth.” Bryant pushed Supermans face down into his sex. He pulled his erupting cock from Lois’s wet lips and came violently. “Oooh,” he moaned aloud, “Take it all, both of you. Suck my cum, suck me. Lick it clean.” But his two captives  needed no instructions in what to do to pleasure the master.


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