The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 69-70
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The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman

Story by Wellsny44


Chapter 69

Charles Bryant lay back against amoung the pillows in his huge bed. Totally relaxed and enjoying the deep satisfaction of his needs that comes with sexual release. Superman lay with his face against Bryant’s broad, muscular chest. Eyes closed, he was murmuring in contented bliss, having just blown Charles Bryant and then confessed his need to be used by him, to pleasure him in any way Bryant wished. Superman seemed untroubled by the scene taking place on the tv screen near the bed. A measure of how deeply Bryant had taken control of the two of them. His wife, Lois Lane, lay weeping and begging Mona for mercy after the thrashing she had just taken at her hands. But there would be no mercy for the star reporter this night. Mona’s bloood was up. This night Lois would satisfy Mona’s sexual demands. That was certain. Lois might fool her husband or other men, even other women, but Mona had her number exactly. She knew Lois Lane was a needful bitch aching for a strong woman to put her in her place. Mona was just the woman to do that. Lois Lane would be an oral slave this night.

In the master bedroom Bryant lay contentedly listening to the breathing of his captive superhero. Superman was falling asleep against Bryant’s chest. Bryant’s body heat and quiet of the bedroom bringing him utter relaxation. Bryant reflected proudly at the stunning success of his mission, his goal: To seduce and conquor the world’s ultimate power couple. Now he had achieved his goal. Both Lois and Superman were conquored. They would serve him and Mona as willing sex toys for as long as he wished. It was a heady thought. In Bryant’s mind there was only one or two loose ends left to break the Man of Steel forever. To finally and utterly break his spirit and assure his obedience for years to come. That would take place tomorrow evening he decided.


Chapter 70A


Charles Bryant lay amoung the satin pillows watching the TV screen contentedly. Superman dozed lightly in his arms, his cheek againsts Bryant’s hard chest. The conquored superhero no longer had interest in watching the subjugation of his defeated and humiliated wife. Such was the grip that Charles Bryant had on him. Lois Lane, naked and whipped, lay at Mona’s feet licking her boot. Mona stepped back finally and Lois, slowly and painfully, struggled to her knees. She knelt there before the cat-suited dominatrix. Her arms hung helplessly at her sides, hair damp and matted with sweat. The cheeks of her ass were crimson from the whipping from Mona. She looked up into the eyes of the woman who had bested her so totally and choked back fresh tears. “You said you cared about me. You lied to me. I gave my self to you and now you do this to me, you whip me. I hate you.” Anger and bitterness was growingin Lois. “You’r a cold, heartless bitch and I hate you.” Mona laughed and grabbed a handful of her thick raven tresses and dragged Lois roughly to her feet as Lois shrieked for her to stop. She put her arm around the naked reporter clasping the small of her back and pulled her violently against her leather clad body. The two women stood locked together. Thigh against thigh, stomach against stomach, breasts against breasts. There lips just an inch apart. Mona spoke commandingly, “I’ll take what I want from you and I’ll do what I want with you. And Lois, you will do what I want, Won’t you?” Saying thus, she kissed Lois long and deep on her mouth eliciting weak moans from the captured wife. Mona dropped her hand to Lois Lane’s most intimate place driving a gasp from her. Mona’s knowing fingers found and entered her womanhood. Lois moaned aloud at the intrusion and her knees buckled. She began panting as Mona, with casual coolness, fingered her pussy and had her way with the beautiful wife of Superman. “Oh Lois, this is what I love most about you. You’r such a total slut. Such a whore. You’r soaking wet.”


Chapter 70B


Bryant, watching Mona taking her delight in tormenting Lois, was reluctant to intrude on them. But he realized at any moment she would be whisking Lois off to her bedroom to be serviced by her lovely conquest. Bryant spoke softly into the remote intercom, “Mona, bring her to my bedroom. Superman believes Batman may suspect peril and attempt to rescue The Man of Steel, here, on this island. He told me so just a few days ago. We can’t have that now, can we?” Mona, looking up at the camera just smiled a curious smile and said, “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” The conversation between Bryant and Mona had gotten Superman’s attention and he sat upright in bed. “He will come. Batman will come. He’ll notice how long Lois and I have been gone and he will come looking. I warned you several days ago about this. Let me call just him. Tell him we’re fine. Just vacationing. I can head this confrontation off.” Bryant just said quietly, “Wait until Mona arrives.”

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