Superman Vanquished

Superman Vanquished Part 13
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Superman Vanquished Part 13 The Teflon Boss Author: Lcross   It is Wednesday morning; three days after Eden lured Superman into Professor Larsen’s Radiation Well and subdued him by amplifying radiation emitted from a few tiny partials of kryptonite! Eden sits nervously at the bar of the upscale strip club nursing his club soda as a janitor mops the floor; it’s 11AM and the show will not start until late in the afternoon therefore Eden is presently the only patron at popular club. The giant bartender/bouncer returns and gestures towards a door at the back of the club. Eden gets off his bar stool, picks up an 8” x 10” manila envelop and throws a five on the bar. He slowly makes his way past the empty dance stage towards the door indicated. Eden stops before the door, hesitates for a few seconds, and then opens the door. He quickly climbs the stairs to a landing above and faces a closed solitary door. Eden knocks lightly on the door and waits. “Come in,” yells a voice from within. Eden nervously opens the door and… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 13

Superman Vanquished Part 12
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Vanquished Part 12 Prisioner Author: Lcross   Minutes later Eden steps from the escape shaft and onto the lab floor and smiles as an unconscious Superman daggles upside down inches above the opening to the well. Superman’s wet cape and arms daggle high above the radiation well’s floor. Eden grabs the hoist control and the crane that Superman hangs from upside down begins to move along the twin rails towards the overhead door the opens to the compound’s parking lot. Eden retracts the cranes cables so that Superman clears the wells safety railing. He stops the crane about 20 feet from the overhead door just in front of the cargo bed of his Dodge Ram that has been backed into lab. The Ram is parked in front of the closed overhead door and has an orange steel gang box sitting in its bed, the kind used on construction sites to secure tools in. The cover to the steel box is open as if to receive something.   Eden lowers Superman until his fingers are inches above lab floor with his red cape spread… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 12

Superman Vanquished Part 11
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Superman Vanquished Part 11 Helpless Author: Lcross   Fifteen minutes later the large the well is filled with the sound of de-compressing air as the lead doors to escape shaft divide and Eden enters the pit carrying a pair of black leather ankle restraints. Eden approaches Superman and stares down at the vanquished hero for several minutes in fascination mesmerized by the sight of the helpless caped hero. He drops the leather restraints down close to Superman’s red leather boots and then circles him several times observing the motionless figure with curiosity. Amazing! He’s still breathing! Superman is not dead! I amplified the kryptonite 1,000 fold – the max! And left him under it for over an hour! Apparently these tiny particles of kryptonite are insufficient to kill Superman! Damn it! If he was dead my problems would be over. I could just put Superman in the box and not have to worry about babysitting him until I can cash him in. Since he’s alive he should best be left down here until I make the trade; but Superman is sure to be missed.… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 11

Superman Vanquished Part 10
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Superman Vanquished Part 10 No Mercy Author: Lcross   Superman obediently obeys Eden and remains on all fours with his head lowered on the radiation well’s floor for what seems like hours. Suddenly the numeric keypad flashes and chirps three times and stops followed by the now feared three short but loud successive whops from a siren and the loud audio warning state from the mechanical voice: “Elemental Exposure Sequence Initiated.” A look of fear and betrayal crosses his face as Superman swallows hard and sits back on his knees. “Eden! I did what you asked,” screams a terrified Superman. “Master Eden I begged you!” There is no reply. He gulps hard and quickly doubles over tightly and covers his head with his hands as the disks’ strobe three times in quick succession. He cowers on the mirrored floor as all the panels slowly ramp up again in brightness bathing the caped figure in an eerie green glow reflecting off the steel alloy floor. Superman whimpers as the familiar wave of dizziness washes over him and as tears begin to stream down his cheeks… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 10

Superman Vanquished Part 9
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Vanquished Part 9 Submission Author: Lcross   Nearly one hour passes down in the well before Superman feels he has the strength to try and rise up off the radiation well’s reflective steel alloy floor. The agonizing effects of the bombardment have passed but he is very weak. Sullenly Superman staggers to his feet stumbles and recovers as he raises one of his hands to his temple. Superman’s soaked cape clings to his upper body and legs defining his muscular legs. Completely soaked with sweat he slowly staggers carefully to one of the lead walls. Superman holds his palm against the lead wall to support his weight and cranes his head upwards squinting at the blazing spotlights shining down into the well wondering how to get out of this trap he so foolishly blundered into. The realization that he is trapped and utterly at Eden’s mercy became obvious during the time he had remained cringing in fear on his knees. After several minutes Superman wipes the sweat from face and slowly walks over to lead lined panels that block access to the ladder… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 9

Superman Vanquished Part 8
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Vanquished Part 8 Eden’s Demonstration Author: Lcross   The numeric keypads flashes and chirps three times and stops followed by three short but loud successive whops from a siren. A loud audio warning then blares out in a cold mechanical voice: “Elemental Exposure Sequence Initiated.” Superman swallows hard and tenses tight as the room go dark again and all the glass panels’ strobe three times flashing off the polished floor of the well and then darkens. As he watches from the corner he hears a low electrical hum as the glass disks high above the floor slowly ramp up in brightness. The green hue from the panels reflects readily off the polished steel floor bathing Superman in an eerie green glow. The same wave of dizziness washes over Superman and he slumps down slightly in the corner and closes his eyes to clear his head. “Exposure Level Minimal,” states the cold voice from the speaker. The panels begin to slowly glow brighter in the pit and the electric hum steadily increases in volume proportionate to the intensity of the green glow. Superman raises… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 8

Superman Vanquished Part 7
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Vanquished Part 7 Kryptonite Author: Lcross   Pressing tightly back in the corner of the radiation well Superman continues to try and make sense of what has happened to his superpowers when suddenly he hears Eden’s taunting voice echo down loudly from speakers high above in the narrow room.   “Eden here Superman! This tour is little different than the last one. You most likely wonder how I managed to trap you in the professor’s well. I know all about Kal-El and Clark Kent; the professor and you have been careless lately and I discovered his detailed research concerning your origins, life on Earth and a strange element called kryptonite.”   “Eden, why are you doing this?” asks Superman as he cranes his neck towards the voice coming from above. “Open the well doors and we can forget about this whole thing,”   “No can do Clark. I’ve crossed the Rubicon. That crushing wave of pain and dizziness you experience signaled the loss of your superpowers. I know kryptonite is your Achilles’ Heal Clark; your only weakness! I placed the small particles of… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 7

Superman Vanquished Part 6
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Vanquished Part 6 Trapped in the Radiation Well Author: Lcross   Above in the lab’s control room Eden watches intently on the large HD panel as Superman unwittingly steps onto the floor of the radiation well.  He continues to watch as Superman inspects the well looking for a problem that does not exist.  Eden sips on a Red Bull as he watches Superman make his way to the middle of the well. A green light flashes on his console flashes in quick succession indicating the all systems are ready and the radiation well is ready to be brought online.   Eden grins wickedly as he hits the return key on his keyboard that executes a series of predetermined computer commands and smiles as his console chirps then ceases and a side computer monitor screen flashes in large green letters: “Upper Shaft Door Secure,” followed by “Radiation Well Secure.” “OKAY, says Eden as he claps his hands together. Superman is sealed in the professor’s well!”   He quickly types a series of commands into his computer keyboard as he listens on the speaker as… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 6

Superman Vanquished Part 5
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Vanquished Part 5 Betrayed Author: Lcross It is Sunday morning and Clark Kent is sitting in his apartment idly skimming through the channels when he receives an encrypted text message from Eden, Professor Larson assistant. The message reads: Superman, sorry to bother you but the silent alarm has tripped at the professor’s lab. Could you help me check it out? Don’t want to involve the civilian authorities and have them snooping around due to the nature of the professor’s work. Thanks – Eden” Superman replies, “On my way; wait for me to arrive,” Clark undresses quickly revealing the familiar red and blue costume of the Man of Steel and steps out onto the terrace of his apartment. The red and blue caped figure blurs and rockets skyward. Seconds later there is a slight sonic boom as Superman fly out of the boundaries of greater Metropolis and streaks north toward the professor’s secluded compound several miles outside Metropolis. The sky is bright blue on a beautiful clear spring morning as Superman quickly closes the distance to the small compound. Superman reaches his destination in… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 5

Superman Vanquished Part 4
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Superman Vanquished Part 4 Achilles’ Heal Author: Lcross   Minutes after Superman leaves the professor Larson reenters the control room. Eden turns from his work and cheerfully says, “It was great to see Superman again; it’s been months since he’s paid you a visit.”   “Superman is busy these days – terrorists – all kinds of maniacs – Evan Frost. It’s a wonder he even had time for the brief visit today,” explains the professor. “Do you still keep Superman’s visits confidential Eden?    “Of course professor Larson; no one would believe me anyway,” jokes Eden. “No seriously professor; I am loyal to you; I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and everything you have done for me.”   “I know Eden; it’s just all this business with Evan Frost and the 20 million dollar bounty on Superman,” explains the professor.   “Superman is indestructible; you would have to be a fool to challenge him; whoever tries to collect that 20 million will be sorry,” consoles Eden.   “I only wish…,” replies the professor, but stops short.   “What did you say professor?”… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 4

Superman Vanquished Part 3
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Superman Vanquished Part 3 The Bounty Author: Lcross    “Let me show you out Superman,” offers the professor as he and Superman exit the control room and the lead lined doors close behind them. The professor enters another series of codes into the wall keypad near the control room door and the large windowless steel overhead door leading to the outdoor compound begins to rise letting the fresh air of a spring afternoon filter into the lab. “A beautiful day for flying Superman,” laughs the professor as he and Superman walk towards the open overhead door.   “It certainly is professor,” agrees Superman. “Are you all set for your big trip?”   They stop before the open overhead door facing the lab’s parking lot within the fenced in compound and the professor responds, “Sure am Superman! I’m looking forward to being away from all this for a few weeks; the work has been grueling and the Army won’t be ready to test for a month or more. Eden has offered to remain here alone and make the final adjustments to the computer’s radiation projection… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 3

Superman Vanquished Part 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Superman Vanquished Part 2 Eden Author: Lcross  Superman laughs at the professor’s gag and floats quickly up through the opening of the well as the professor makes for the ladder. Moments later Superman and the professor are standing behind the waist high metal safety railing that runs around the open trench looking down into the radiation well from high above. “The air tanks I mentioned Superman,” directs the professor as he gestures towards two air tanks painted bright white on the far side of the lab.   “The monorail with its crane-hoist you see above the well is used to lower objects into and out of the radiation well,” explains the professor as he gestures at the freshly painted white support columns of two bright red twin steel rails that run the entire length of the radiation well to a steel overhead door. Mounted between the twin rails is crane hoist that moves on the twin rails to load and unload cargo.    “The test objects are trucked in and unloaded with the crane and I’m in business,” says the professor.   “You’ve outdone… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 2

Superman Vanquished Part 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]This story was originally posted on the Yahoo Group SuperheroesDefeated Superman Vanquished Part 1 The radiation well Author: Lcross    “So this is your latest invention professor?” asks Superman as he peers around from the floor of the narrow trench 25’ below floor level of the professor’s laboratory.   “My latest Superman; what do you think of it?” asks the gray haired professor wearing a white lab coat.   “It’s very… interesting professor,” responds Superman politely as he walks deeper into the trench rubbing the lead walls lightly with his finger tips. “What’s the purpose of this lead lined trench in the middle of your lab floor?”   “This is a Radiation Well Superman,” explains Professor Larson, who chairs the research division at MU and is a longtime trusted friend of Superman. “The highly reflective floor you’re standing on is made of a revolutionary steel alloy. The alloy’s unique properties allow the alloy to reflect radiation like a mirror does light. Radiation is projected from that array of large glass disks above us that are attached to both sides of this well and directed down… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 1