A close shave

A Close Shave
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 4.5]  A CLOSE SHAVE   Superman appears in an insolated compound outside of Metropolis.  It consists of a bunker-like concrete home surrounded by luxurious tennis courts, Olympic size pool, and lush gardens.  He confronts the owner, a middle-aged nerdy type called Jason Close.He says he has been shown a disturbing e-mail sent to Clark Kent regarding some claims he made.  The email said he had gained control of the Pentagon’s top-secret program, the Armageddon Project.  It is a series of killer satellites blanketing the globe from high space that can emit powerful particle beams to earth.Close does not deny it, in fact boasts of his ability to target any spot on earth with precise geo-positioning coordinates.  He says he is an ex-government employee specializing in computer control systems.  His private specialty was hacking into such systems as an intellectual exercise.  But when he found he could hijack the entire system he knew he had a powerful bargaining chip with Superman.  He says he always had a talent for sneaking in back ways and getting the drop on people. In school he used to sneak into… Read More »A Close Shave