The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 29-30
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Story by Wellsny44   Chapter 29   Superman sat at a table by the window in Charles Bryant’s bedroom. He had showered and been given a fresh pair of red Superman “S” panties, these were trimmed in lace. He slipped them on without comment. Bryant sat across from him dressed in white linen slacks and a blue flowered silk shirt. He snacked on some fruit from the table as he contemplated the appearance of his captive. “Have some fruit Superman. You’r going to need you’r strength for what Mona has planned for you.” The Man of Steel selected a pear which he began to eat. “What are you talking about Bryant? What plans?” “You must fight Mona today. One on one in the rec-room. And in just a few minutes.” Superman scoffed, “I may be weakened but I’m not that weak and besides I don’t fight women.” “I think you’ll fight this woman,” Bryant said, “Mona says the winner of this fight gets Lois Lane. Lois HAS spent a lot of time with her, I would be… Read More »The Conquest of Lois Lane and Superman Chapters 29-30

Tam-Rex VS Heroes Part 3
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Tam-Rex vs Batman (The  Boxing Ring)   Batman fights the young warrior, Tam-Rex   So here they all are in the ring at Madison Square Garden this fateful evening.  In one corner, Batman, the caped superhero defender of the free world, attended by his current lover, Robin. The caped crusader is wearing his already quite sweaty classic grey uniform that shows his impressive phisical stud muscled forms, he looks invincible and extremly dangerous. Robin, not to be out done, is spectacularly decked out in his green/red outfits. Thebeautiful, muscled dark hairedcrimefighter, Batman, appears to have pulled it together alright, has his stern fight face on.  In the far corner is the mysterious young blond warrior, Tam-Rex, clad only in the skimpiest of leather red thongs. And there also, standing before their ravishing Master, are Slut Boy, clad in a blue loin cloth, and Jungle Slut, clad only in a red, white and blue thong. And, of course, there, standing to one side, is Tam-Rex’s ever attentive top lieutenant, the striking blond warrior Boy, more “modestly” clad than his leather loincloth. Slut Boy and Jungle… Read More »Tam-Rex VS Heroes Part 3