The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 9A
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 9 New Friends, Old Friends and Enemies Galore Chapter 9A -The Best Defense

Superman sat slumped at the table in Interrogation K. He was instructed to sit there and wait for his counsel. The attorney that his dire enemy, Lex Luthor, had arranged to meet him, to defend him against the charges of murder being brought against him, the murder of his alter ego, Clark Kent. He really had no choice, cuffed powerlessly as he was, with both pantyhose covered wrists behind his back.

How had this nightmare come to such a place. Kal-El the Kryptonian alien, the defender and savior of Earth, now reduced to a dejected, teary, red eyed, totally energy drained, humiliated, powerless dispicable site, sat as ordered, sucking on a piss, sweat, and cum filled pair of the evil Sgt. Walter’s nylon work sox. Although, the ex-superhero’s body sat stooped in a very un-superhero-like position, his head still stood up straight and tall because of his new posture collar. This allowed anyone viewing the destroyed ex crime fighter to get the full view of his very apparent new beaten visage. 

Superman’s new appearance would shock his most adoring,worshipping fan base. His new pantyhose encasing uniform portrayed him as not such an wholesome hero, but more of a perverted sex fiend. Even the former super hero’s signature curl betrayed him, now disheveled and mixed with the rest of his hair uncharacteristically unkempt and wet with a mixture of human sweat, piss and cum.

The table did little to hide Superman’s enormous erect rubber sheathed cock, still leaking ejaculate into the semen collecting fanny pack. Superman couldn’t help but feel the plug in his ass, further confirming his disgraceful fall. The fact that his nipples stood painfully erect and sore on his muscular chest were further evidence to his predicament. Hell the dejected hero couldn’t even place his big wide meaty feet flat on the floor, but had to balance them on his pantyhosed toes. How had this downfall become so final, so quickly.  Superman remembered the shock at discovering the obvious imposter Clark, dead in his apartment. The shock was so great that he realized that whomever was behind this, definately Lex, had planned his defeat well, this time. But, how did Luthor find out Superman’s alias. This was all just too much for the weakened drug addled alien. He sighed into the filthy sox gagging his face, as once again tears began to stream down his reddened puffy cheeks. Somehow he needed to buck up and get a grasp of his situation, but the dire totality of the past few hours humiliation and degradation just forced the former hero further into dispair. The, even though minute, amounts of Kryptonite dispersed about his battered physique, kept him adle brained and weak as a new born human.

Superman’s mind wandering was interrupted as the door to Interroagtion K creaked open with a jar. In walked a young man in his mid twenties, wearing a sharp, but ill fitted, blue pinstriped suit. The suit looked out of place on the young man, like he hadn’t owned too many suits in his young life. His acne pocked facade betrayed his young age further. Lane Tyler Dalton, the lawyer that Lex Luthor had paid, and paid well, to defend his super foe, entered the interrogation chamber without saying a word. He sat at the table across from Kal-El, and placed his brand new brief case on the table, opening it as he did, spilling the contents out all over the table. He started to stutter as he adjusted his round wire glasses and clumsily gathered up the case’s contents. The young man looked like he was still in school. 6′ tall, 175 lbs of skinny lanky book smarts, the geek faultered up and down in the chair, not sure if he should sit or stand.

Catching Superman’s unbelieving, disheartened gaze, Lane stuttered, ” SSSuperman, I’m here to defffend you. I’ve been ppaid well, by my bbbenefffactor, and wwwillll pprovide the bbest defense I cccann.” Lane was in awe of the hulking masculine alien before him, even in Superman’s defeated state, he was still a very disoncerting figure to Lane. Luthor had made sure to explain to the young shy, geek-like lawyer, that Superman would be no threat to him, that in Superman’s current state the hero would be more meek than even the weakest sissy-boy. But Lane was not prepared for the site before him. Superman’s exposed, perverted new appearance was more corrupt than anything the young man had ever seen. Lane wasn’t much with the opposite sex, and as a matter of fact when he fanatasized while beating off, which he did often, his mind usually went straight to masculine men of Superman’s stature rather than buxom blond bombshells. Lane had never had sex with either gender and the thought of doing so caused him to hyperventilate. But somehow this mountain of masculine flesh before him so obscenely displayed caused just the opposite effect. Lane became all flustered and sprouted an unmistakable boner in his ill fitting trousers. Superman was surprised to note that the young geek’s penis was unbelievably large, poking at the fabric between it and full erection.

Superman kind of felt a bit sorry for the young lawyer. He cursed Lex Luthor for getting the kid involved. But Supes was to learn not to underestimate this young lawyer, Lane Tyler Dalton.

Lane quickly got his papers together and pushing his glasses up his craggy, long, obviously, many times broken,nose, said still a bit shakily ” Well, Sssuperman, have yyyoou anyything to ssay at all?” The young lawyer was still taking in the unbelievable site that sat cuffed to the chair before him.

Superman just grunted some indistinct mummblings from behind the nylon gags stuffing his mouth.    

Finally realizing the hero’s current disabled predicament, Lane decided to sit. He adjusted his glasses once more, then stood again, leaning over the table, deciding that it was ok to risk getting closer to the hulking,masculine alien. Lane took a closer look at his new client’s garb, especially the crotch wear. Lane even became so bold as to reach out and touch Superman’s engorged, sheathed penis. when he did the super cocklips gave a burp and spewed more alien sperm through the tube. Lane watched , fascinated as the semen made it’s way down the tube and into the collection bag. Superman, grunted his displeasure at being the object of this much younger weakling’s fascination. Lane on the other hand was becoming mesmerized by the state of the hero’s discomfort.

With uncharacteristic boldness, Lane Tyler Dalton, stepped around to Superman’s side of the table. He grunted as he used all the strength he could garner to push the chair holding Superman sideways so that he could get a better view. Just then something clicked in the young geek. All his life Lane had been bullied by masculine males. Now here sat the world’s most masculine being, totally unable to belittle, or torment Lane. Suddenly the shoe was on the other foot. Lane came to a sudden, brain shattering realization that he was in total control, he was in charge this time. Lane couldn’t control his lust at wanting to take years of revenge out on this mountain of bound up flesh in front of him. He began with a little slap back and forth to Superman’s distended penis. Then in a flurry of pent up vengeance, he bagan batting the trapped cock back and forth. Superman was immediately taken aback and began to grunt and moan into his gags. Lane answered him by punching furiously at the captive hero’s stretched out ball sack. When that didn’t sate the bullied young nerd’s needs for revenge, he reached out and grasped hold of Superman’s distended nipples and began twisting them, remembering a time in high school when some football player had tortured his similarly. The frenzied Lane found strength he didn’t even know he had. In Superman’s weakened condition, this weak little sissy nerd actually began to cause pain. The hero winced and moaned as his battered body took more abuse, this time at the hands of a body much much weaker than he’d ever come in contact with. The realization of this new humiliation caught Superman off guard. He felt the tears well even before Lane caught a glimpse of them. But, when Lane did catch on to what he was doing to the supposed man-of-steel, the resulting blow to his own psyche was explosive. He felt power like he had never known. He slapped the weeping hero’s face back and forth leaving Superman’s weakened cheeks reddened both with humiliation and pain.

Lane Tyler Dalton had entered Interrogation K with the impression that he’d just do his best to help Superman out of this dire situation, even if the alien was guilty. But now, he realized why Mr. Luthor had picked him for this job. Who cared if the bastard was guilty or innocent. Lex Luthor had given Lane the best gift he’d ever received. The man had given Lane back his manhood. This would surely be “The best Defense”, but he wasn’t so sure now that it would be defense of Supes as much as his own defense. He smiled for the first time with great confidence and satisfaction. For the next hour Lane tortured and tormented Superman’s already beaten body, mind and spirit. He explored every nook and cranny of the former hero’s captivity. He kicked at the kryptonite pins in the big alien’s clods, he twisted and pulled Superman’s nipples, slapped and punched his cock and balls, he sat up on the table and kicked at superman’s weakened abs with his pointy new shoes, he even got so bold as to roundhouse kick the cuffed hero’s head back and forth like he’d had done to him so many times in the past. He hawked huge wads of spit and snot all over Superman’s face. He got behind the seated man’s body and yanked Superman’s tights up as far as he could, in wedgy fashion, forcing the plug up the hero’s ass to shift painfully. Lane did everything to the cuffed down Superman, that he remembered bullies doing to him over a life of sumissive torment.

Lane Tyler Dalton took the revenge of a lifetime of bullies out on the captive super criminal that he was to defend. When he finally got ahold of himself enough to calm a lifetime of emotions that welled up in him, he took his revenge to the maximum. Lane  pulled the socks that gagged Superman out of the hero’s mouth and replaced them with his raging penis, which had been hard and leaking throughout the entire episode. Lane Tyler Dalton fucked Superman’s defeated throat with his eight inch cock until he exploded in orgasm, dispelling the demons of a lifetime of torment with every thick burst of semen. Not quite content with the extent of his retaliation, and not quite spent from his first ever sexual encounter with another being, Lane pulled out still spurting long thick ropes of creamy virgin cum all over Superman’s captive body. Lane’s semen dripped down from Superman’s hair onto his face, it splattered the hero’s pantyhosed chest and dripped down into his bound crotch. It pooled on his massive pantyhosed thighs. 

Superman felt more used than even he’d been by the other human’s who had recently humiliated and abused his alien body. He thought his downfall was complete. He had no idea how wrong he was. There would be so much more humiliation and degradation for the former hero of the world.

Spent, Lane Tyler Dalton slowly made his way over to the chair across from Superman. He rested a few minutes and tried his best to wipe the huge grin from his face.

On the other side of the huge mirror behind Lane, Sgt. Walters and the gang of conspirators, watched in total awe. They high fived each other and watched as Lane gathered up his papers again. Then to their further amazement, the milktoast lawyer, kicked his shoes off and propped his long thin black dress socked feet up on the table. They saw the now self assured ex geeky lawyer point his bony right index finger toward his feet. Lane mouthed one word “Lick!” to the disheveled Superman. Then they gasped as they watched the hero slump over in the chair as far as the cuffs would allow and start tongue washing the young skinny lawyer’s stockinged feet.  

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