Superman And The New School Thug Part 3
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Superman And The New School Thug 

Part 3

Author: tynfyr


Jeremy has always been able to get his way, or talk anyone into anything, no matter how absurd. 

When he would get caught red-handed committing some offense

or another, he could persuade people to look the other way or even into believing that this didn’t see what they clearly saw. 

Jeremy never knew why he was able to do it, but he definitely took advantage of it when he could. 

As a matter of fact, it is that talent that lead to him being best friends with Adonis, his partner in crime. 

He thinks back to when he first met Adonis, three years ago, at the Smallville county fair. 

Jeremy was making his way down the row of games, ignoring the guys trying to get him to play the different ones, when he came across a commotion. 

It looked to be a group of teenagers about to beat up some girl.  

“Man, what kind of ho ass shit is this,” Jeremy said to himself, as he walked over. 

He had to stop dead in his tracks when he saw what was really happening. It was dude that they had surrounded. Without a doubt, this had to be the prettiest brother he had ever seen.  

He had long, sun -bleached, golden-brown, curly hair, half way down his back. Slender, but tightly muscled, impossibly tiny waist, and, damn, that ass!

“That shit is phat as hell, if he wasn’t a dude, I’d…”, mumbled Jeremy, 

“Get the fuck away from me, you backwoods, trailer park, pieces of shit!”, yelled the handsome boy. 

“You think yo shit don’t stink cuz you live in dat big mansion next door to the Luthor’s,” the scruffy looking teen said, “well, we is gonna learn you different”

“Yea, we’s gonna beat the tar off this uppity…”, started another ruffian, but cut his remark short when the over six foot behemoth, Jeremy stepped up. 

“Go ahead, bro, ” drawled Jeremy, “finish talking”

Visibly shaken, the group of teens backed up. only ond guy stood his ground, the ringleader, Bobby, who spoke up, “Twern’t nuthin’, Big Jer, we wuz jus foolin’ wit ’em”

“I think y’all best get on down the road”, the big guy said. 

“Alright, no harm, no foul”, Bobby said, strolling off appearing to be happy to get off so easy. 

The golden-brown skin of the young brother had a light sheen of sweat that glistened like baby oil. He wasn’t wearing his t-shirt because it was so hot that day!

His cargo pants were sagging really low and his sweaty boxers clung to him like a second skin. Not only that, they were thin and white, so the moisture made them almost transparent. 

In fact, if you stood behind him, you could follow the thick tangle of jet-black hair that went down the small of his back and disappeared into the waistband of his khakis. 

“Fuck, this dude better not EVER go to jail, ” thought Big Jer, the nickname his mother gave when was a boy. 

“Yea, y’all better step”, the sexy lad said, as his strutted off, without so much as a simple ‘thanks’. 

“Hey, bro, ” Jeremy asked, “I just saved your ass back there. You ain’t got nothing to say”

“Didn’t nobody ask you for no help, bro…”, the cocky fine ass brother mumbled half-heartedly, “…but, whatever, bro, thanks”

“Yo, man, hold up.”, Big Jer asked, with just a hint of desperation.   

“What, man. ” the boy snarled. 

“I’ve never seen you around here before. What’s your name?”, inquired Jeremy. 

“Damn, leave me the hell alone”, is what the teen was thinking to himself, but instead, he replied, “My name is Adonis, and I don’t come to this side of town very often. Dealing with common people is really not my idea of a good time. The only reason I come to a neighborhood like this, is because my father thinks I should learn how the poor people live. What a bunch of shit! “

Jeremy mused, “I’ve got to bring this arrogant son-of-a-bitch down to earth. Well, time to turn on the infallible Jeremy Ward charm.”

“I’m Jeremy, everybody just calls me, Big Jer!”, he says, flashing that dazzling smile of his. 

Taking time to actually look at Jeremy, Adonis noticed how good-looking the farm boy was. Tall, dark and handsome was an understatement, this guy could be a model. 

Admiring his broad shoulders, chiseled abdominals, nice pelt of hair on his chest, Adonis felt a slight twinge of jealousy, a feeling he was definitely unaccustomed to. 

He looked like a black version of that old cartoon character, Lil’ Abner, his dad used to read to him. 

Noticing Adonis was checking out his body, Big Jer made an exaggerated display of yawning, stretching his big arms outward and leaning back with his eyes closed. 

Adonis couldn’t help but notice the trail of thick hair that swirled its way down the front of his worn overalls. What was even more striking was the fact that Jeremy didn’t have on any underwear, so there was a hint of pubic hair peeking out. 

Big Jer kept on talking and talking, which at first, annoyed young Adonis, but after a while, Adonis began to feel drawn to the big oaf. 

Jeremy was determined to become friends with this boy who definitely lived up to his namesake, the Greek god of beauty

Over the next few years, the boys became inseparable, much to the chagrin of their parents. Both sets of parents blamed the other child for their son’s changes in behavior. In truth, they did feed off each other, Adonis brought out Jeremy’s anti-establishment tendencies and Jeremy brought out Adonis’s exhibitionist tendencies. 

The only difference being the motivations, Jeremy did what he did to be closer to Adonis, while Adonis really couldn’t understand why he liked being around Jeremy so much. And what was even crazier, why he seemed so comfortable with his body around Big Jer. 

When they first met, Adonis would be careful not to change in front of Jeremy, even in the private gym on his family estate. 

Now, three years later, here he was, laying by the pool, sun bathing, butt ass naked, scratching his big egg-sized balls, discussing the rings they had stolen from the old gypsy they met in the woods. 

At first, neither one believed the old man, as he begged them not to take the rings. He pleaded with to take any and everything else, even saying that it would mean his death, if they did.  

After Big Jer talked to him for awhile, he calmed down and even told then about the wondrous powers of the rings. He also warned that the rings would bring out any hidden tendencies and desires, as well. 

Now this sounded very interesting and intriguing to Jeremy, who was already thinking of ways to seduce Adonis. In fact, Big Jer had never failed at getting anyone to do whatever he wanted, until he met Adonis. 

No matter what he “suggested”, the most he could get Adonis to do was have a couple of three-ways. He would sit back and watch that full, tight bubble butt, bouncing up and down on top of one of Adonis’ conquests. 

Sometimes, he would get a peek of that virgin rosebud as Adonis would slam his fat, ten inches in and out of the lucky girl, when he would show off some gymnastic type sexual position. 

Well, all that was about to change, because what  Adonis didn’t know, (and neither did Jeremy, for that matter),  is that Jeremy already had a low-level form of telepathy and that it had been boosted dramatically by the newly-acquired rings. 


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