Superman, Vulnerable Chapters 5 and 6
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 The characters in this work are fan fiction and are the property of DC Comics, no copyright infringement is intended.  Sexual material written for adult readers only.



 Author: Unknown


Chapter Five


 “Are you hot, Superman?”

Superman again nodded.  He was genuinely amazed to feel the blood flowing through his body – not just to be aware of it in a distant way, but to feel it for the first time.  As he stood, his arms tired, his legs slightly spread, his cape removed, and the mirror across the room showing him everything he did, Superman felt…aroused.  This was what it was to feel aroused.

Lex said, “I’m going to kiss you, Superman.”  Superman opened his mouth to object, but Luthor’s lips met his at that instant, Luthor reaching up and pulling Superman’s head down a little as his own stretched up.  A shockwave explosion rocked Superman’s body.  Blood raced into his penis and through his brain and through his entire body with a previously unparalleled force.  When Luthor’s tongue entered Superman’s mouth, Superman instinctively tried to wrap his arms around Luthor.  The chains pulled him up short, and Luthor stepped back and smiled.  “Nice, isn’t it?  Are your arms still tired, Superman?”


Luthor pulled the chains tighter, spreading Superman’s arms very wide.  Caught off guard, the Man of Steel gasped again.  He felt the stretch across his back and chest, the tension in his biceps and triceps as he fought against the strong metal.  He felt his costume, formerly no more than mere cloth, rub him as he struggled, and he felt his body respond.

Lex returned to stand right in front of Superman.  Superman looked across the top of Luthor’s head and saw the villain’s back in the mirror – his back was as impressive as his front, and the sight of Luthor’s ass clad in clinging black caused a renewed swelling in Superman’s dick.  Superman noticed the newly fantastic sensation of his penis sliding against the shiny fabric of his tights, inside the red briefs, and the way those briefs and tights hugged his genitals so snugly, cupping them firmly – not to mention how those briefs pulled tighter across his own butt as his erection increased.

Superman was so lost in these thoughts and feelings that he had no preparation for what came next.  Luthor laid his mouth against Superman’s costume, directly atop his nipple.  The wet warmth flooded the chained hero, and he actually bucked in pleasure as Luthor’s tongue stroked the blue costume.  While he sucked Superman’s nipple, Lex sent his arms around Superman’s trunk, running his hands up and down the hero’s strong back, never letting up with his oral attack on the Man of Steel’s chest.  The sensation was phenomenal.  Luthor stepped in closer, still caressing his prisoner’s back and licking the tight fabric of his costume over his nipple, and now placing his bikini-bound cock against Superman’s upper thigh, slowly rubbing it there.  Again, the heat of contact assaulted Superman, and now he moaned.  This, indeed, was Pleasure, and Superman was lost in it, overwhelmed by it.  His cock stood up and out to the left, now testing the stretch of his costume.  Lex looked up at the hero, raised one cocky eyebrow, and switched his mouth over to the other nipple while his hands moved down to explore Superman’s rock-hard ass.

“Yes,” breathed Superman, pushing his crotch forward so it met Lex Luthor’s solid abdominal wall.  Their bodies pushed at each other, struggling to find as many points of contact as possible.  Lex’s own mind was blown by these events – he had certainly planned and prepared for this moment, but he’d never dared allow his fantasies to grow so passionate, so complete, so all-consuming.

“Superman, I have a surprise for you.”

“Wh…what?” was all Superman could manage to say.  Luthor moved away from him, and Superman keenly felt the loss.  Superman saw his own sweaty form in the mirror, his hair disheveled, his face flushed, his eyes wild – who was the man in the familiar suit, the suit he’d taken for granted all these years?  Again, he struggled against the chains, but now it was not in any effort to escape.  All thoughts of leaving had vanished.  He merely wanted to watch his muscles work, to feel their mass and sinew and to sense them writhing against his tight blue costume.  Luthor stood behind him and let out slack in the chains holding Superman’s arms, and those arms fell.  The sound of the chains running through their pulleys, of the hero’s big, meaty arms hitting his sides, of his sigh of relief – had he ever felt relief like that?  The only thing comparable was escaping from one of his near-death experiences with Kryptonite, but this was infinitely more satisfying.  Then Superman felt Luthor, still behind him, begin to massage the prisoner’s arms to increase blood flow.  Superman stood, absorbing the feel of Luthor’s hands on his arms, their strength, the way they knew how to coax the blood back into neglected muscles.  It was…Superman supposed it was normal, and it was fine.  More than fine.

Lex unlocked the cuffs encircling Superman’s wrists and moved his ministrations there.  He rubbed up and down each blue-clad arm, brushing against the Man of Steel’s sides, ribcage, pecs as he worked.  “Feel better, Superman?”


With this break in the heated erotic action, Superman took a moment to consider his situation.  Though he no longer had his powers, he still outweighed Luthor by a good seventy pounds of muscle, and stood four inches taller.  Clearly he could take Luthor in a fight.  But just as Superman began to formulate a half-hearted plan, he felt Luthor’s hand begin to caress the bulge behind the red briefs.  Instantly his penis flared to life, and Superman looked down.  Luthor had moved in front of him again, and was looking deeply into Superman’s eyes.

“Feel better, Superman?”

“You…you already asked me that.”

Superman began to massage his own wrists to work out the last of the pain from the cuffs, and was thrilled by the sensuous feeling of his costume.  It was as though his nerve endings had awakened from a coma, and yet were simultaneously caught up in a wonderful dream.  As Luthor smiled into Superman’s eyes, and kept massaging Superman’s dick, Superman found his own hands working up his arms and onto his chest and abs.  When he passed over his nipples, he felt the still new but by now more familiar wonderful stomach flip.  His hands explored his own torso, all over, running across the large S and blue fabric.  The cloth, damp with the Man of Steel’s sweat, had begun to carry the faint odor of Superman’s body, especially in the armpits.  Luthor surprised Superman yet again by stepping in close, placing his face near Superman’s armpit and inhaling deeply.  Luthor burrowed his face into that warm, wet hollow, and Superman lifted his arm to allow Luthor access.  Again, Luthor’s tongue was on his costume, and the feeling was fantastic.  Superman’s other hand found its way, tentatively at first but ever so naturally, to the back of Luthor’s neck.  The movements were fluid, so easy and lovely.  Superman felt the cool sweat on Luthor’s warm body as Luthor worked his face into Superman’s armpit, down and across to the chest, down to the abs – Luthor’s chest now pressed against the Man of Steel’s hard cock, rubbing against it.  Luthor looked up, met Superman’s eyes again, and began to untuck the blue shirt from behind the yellow belt.  Quickly, with heat and vigor, Luthor raised the tight shirt, clinging tighter than ever thanks to Superman’s sweat, pulled it up past the flat, ripped stomach, revealing Superman’s large, dark nipples to the air.  Superman raised his arms to allow the shirt to come off at Luthor’s insistent ministrations.

Lex stepped away from Superman to get a look at the man he’d fantasized about for so long, finally shirtless before him.  Superman looked both at Luthor and at his own reflection.  He’d seen himself naked countless times, of course, but there was something arresting about the sight of himself clad in red briefs and boots over blue tights, the familiar yellow belt in place, still chained about the ankles, breathing heavier than he ever had, no shirt covering his upper body.  He saw his large chest rise and fall, the dark hair there stuck fast to the skin by sweat.  He saw the wall of his abdominal muscles in motion as he breathed, his taut sides expanding and contracting with each inhalation and exhalation.  He saw his engorged cock and full balls push the red of his briefs out and down.  He reached a hand up to wipe his face off, then ran both hands back through his hair.  Luthor, still wearing his black briefs, moved around behind him.  “I think you could use a massage, Superman.”

Lex’s strong hands grasped the back of Superman’s thick neck and began to work at the muscles there.  Superman resisted at first – no one had ever given him a massage before, as it would have done no good to try to manipulate his Kryptonian frame.  But after a few moments, Luthor’s strength and patience began to work.  Superman felt the tight muscles in his neck begin to…relax, was that it?  Was it possible he had never relaxed in his life?  His mind reeled even as his body unwound.  Luthor made his way to Superman’s wide shoulders, and Superman felt the blood in his body run through the muscles there.  Luthor worked down, more quickly now, and worked Superman’s low back just above his waistband.  Then he worked his hands over the Man of Steel’s ass again, still outside the costume.  Superman found himself moaning again.  Soon, Luthor reached around Superman’s waist and embraced his prey in a tight hug.  Superman’s own arms found themselves on Luthor’s.  Luthor was kissing his back, his shoulder blades, up to his neck – God, it was incredible, Superman swooned as Luthor licked up the side of his neck and snaked his tongue around and into his ear.  Superman watched in the mirror as his right arm lifted up and over, running his right hand around Luthor’s smooth scalp, slick with sweat.  Luthor’s hands moved around again to Superman’s chest, playing with his nipples, but not merely caressing them as before.  Now Luthor twisted and flicked them as well as rubbing them smoothly.  Luthor also ran his fingers through Superman’s chest hair, occasionally grabbing a handful and tugging gently but firmly.  All the while, he rubbed his hard cock against the back of Superman’s red briefs.  Superman was lost in a frenzy of sensation.  His left hand found its way around behind Luthor, and rubbed against the back of the tight black bikinis.  Luthor began to hum as he licked the sweat off Superman’s neck, and the vibrations seemed to run directly to Superman’s now-throbbing cock, straining against fabric with all its might.

Lex maintained his attack on Superman’s senses, and increased it by reaching down with his left hand, through Superman’s legs, stroking the Man of Steel’s balls and perineum and inner thighs.  Superman tried to turn around, but his chained legs prevented him from doing so.  Instead, he leaned his head back and to the right, his mouth open and waiting for Luthor’s to join it.  Luthor leaned on Superman’s right shoulder and planted his hot mouth against the superhero’s, and instantly Superman’s tongue leapt to meet his own.  Their tongues danced together, Superman and Luthor feeling the strength there, and each other’s teeth, and the roofs of their mouths, their nerve endings practically singing.  Luthor’s right hand reached the buckle on the famous yellow belt, the belt millions if not billions of people had dreamed of touching.  Deftly, Luthor undid the belt, and took it in his hands.

With the belt, Lex stepped away from his chained hero.  Superman watched Luthor strut over to the mirror, wrapping the yellow belt around his own waist.  When he’d fastened it, he took a good look at himself, running his hands across his dick, his balls, his ass, the belt.  Then he faced Superman.  Superman became even more turned on, if possible, at the sight of part of his costume being worn by his arch-nemesis, the man who’d been the architect of so many plans to kill him, the man who had so often tried to cause his downfall.  Had he at last succeeded?  Superman was lost in thrall at the power this man now held over him, his strong and capable body, the absolutely world-changing sensations he’d introduced Superman to.  Losing shouldn’t feel so much like winning.



Chapter Six


“Do you like me in your belt, Superman?”

“Yes, Luthor.”

“Do I turn you on, Superman?”

“God, yes.  I can’t believe – ”

“Shh,” said Lex, stepping in again, his mind still unable to comprehend just how far this reality outstripped even his most lurid fantasy.  “I know.  I can’t believe it, either.  And I’ve done this before.”

“You mean – you’ve kidnapped people for sex?”

At that, Lex laughed an excellent, huge laugh.  Superman found himself laughing as well, giddy with it.  “No, Superman!  Oh, my God, that is priceless.  No, I just meant I’ve had sex before, you know – ”

“Oh!  Oh, Luthor…oh, my!”

The men laughed.  Lex stepped in close, reached up and kissed Superman once more.  And once more Superman returned the kiss, a lighter-hearted kiss this time, still flavored with laughter from Superman’s unintentional gaffe.  “Superman…don’t you think we’ve reached the first-name stage?”

“I’m – Luthor, I can’t reveal my secret identity.  You know that.”

“That’s not what I mean.”  A moment, as Lex looked at Superman.  “You, calling me ‘Lex’?”

Again, they laughed.  “You want me to call you that, don’t you?  Well, I can’t just give you what you want.”

“You can’t, can you?”


“Take that, you cocky fucking flirt,” said Lex, plunging his hand down the inside of Superman’s tights, grasping the cock of the Man of Steel.  It was red hot, and thick, and long – a dream cock, wet at the end with precum.  Lex ran his hand along the shaft, and felt Superman’s foreskin slide forward and back with him.  Taking his hand off Superman’s dick, he stroked the moist pubic hair above it, then moved down to cup Superman’s nicely hairy balls.  “Mm,” Lex murmured, “that’s so nice.”

“That’s so nice,” Superman said at the same moment, eyes wide.  This time, no laughter; instead, the two men locked eyes again, and Lex took his hand out of Superman’s tights, took a step away, and slid his own briefs down.

Superman took a long look at Luthor’s large, cut cock,  no doubt about eight and a half inches, and quite thick.  Luthor tossed his underwear near the chair with his other clothing, then removed Superman’s yellow belt and threw it there as well.  He put his hands on his hips in an approximation of the Man of Steel’s classic, iconic pose, his erection jutting slightly upward as he did so.  Superman’s eyes locked onto Luthor’s penis, and his tongue unconsciously traced his lower lip.

“Touch yourself, if you like, Superman.  Would you like that?”

Superman responded by placing his palms against the seat of his briefs, again marveling at the sensual smoothness of the fabric.  His hands moved to his hips, fingers slipping under the brief’s leg on each side before snapping the cloth back in place.  Finally, he ran one hand across the front of those briefs, while the other made its way again across his torso.  He hooked first one hand, then the other, into the now empty belt loops of his costume.  Luthor’s hands dropped from his hips as his eyes were trapped by the sight.  “Do it,” Lex said.  “Take them off.”  Superman complied.  He pulled down, slowly, and the briefs caught on the end of his firm tool, snapping past it when enough pressure was applied.  Superman pulled his feet as close together as the chains would allow, and wriggled the damp red speedos to just below his knees.  Now his package was clad only in blue tights.

Lex stepped forward and knelt down, unlocking the ankle cuffs and chains from around Superman’s red boots.  He said, “Put your hands on my shoulders.”  Superman did so, and then Lex lifted Superman’s left foot a little, and worked off the red boot there, uncovering the entire tights-covered leg.  That boot disposed of, he did the same for the right.  Then Lex began to massage the Man of Steel’s feet, ankles, calves, and slid the red briefs off Superman completely.  He held them to his face and took a deep, deep breath in – the scent of this Titan before him drove him into a frenzy of desire.  He ran his mouth up along the inside thigh of his captive, finally licking the blue tights covering Superman’s package.  He tasted Superman’s precum, leaking through those tights, and could barely hear Superman’s roars of pleasure, so pungent were the taste and smell of him.  He looked up to see Superman tweaking his nipples, watching Lex mouth him through the blue.  Lex wrapped his fingers inside the waistband of Superman’s tights and asked, “May I?”  Superman, hypnotized by the knowledge of what was about to happen, nodded.  Luthor pulled down, down, down, the tights rolled down the strong thighs and stone-like calves, until, again, Luthor removed them from each foot in turn.  His hands went straight to Superman’s ass, and his mouth went onto Superman’s cock. 

It seemed to Superman that he had waited several lifetimes for this moment, and yet he also was fully aware that until a short time ago, the moment was completely unimaginable to him.  To feel!  To savor the joyous springing to life of his nerves and skin and cock, was simply the most incredible event he had ever experienced.  Luthor’s mouth worked along his shaft, and his hands played with the foreskin and balls and amazing sensory lode between balls and asshole, not to mention the hero’s butt.  Superman’s hands ran all over Luthor’s head and shoulders, the skin so smooth over such solid masculinity.  Lex took Superman’s ten plus inch cock deep into his throat, and simultaneously spread his ass cheeks and ran his finger lightly along the Man of Steel’s sweat-slicked hole – Superman howled with ecstasy.  As Lex built to an oral rhythm on that cock, he felt Superman’s body tensing.  Indeed, Superman felt his balls pulling up tight against him, the wildest feelings racing from his cock to every nerve ending in his body.  The complete and total power of this feeling overwhelmed Superman, and he reveled in it even as he struggled to comprehend it.  But conscious thought soon lost hold.  Lex tightened his mouth around the super-cock and then slid his finger inside Superman’s asshole.  Superman roared, his body tensed, and he shot, pumping spurt after spurt after spurt of thick cum down Luthor’s throat.  Lex focused on swallowing the Man of Steel’s massive output, getting virtually all of it by sheer dint of will.  Superman came for what felt like forever, an eternity he would have been delighted never to see end.  But end it did, and Lex withdrew his fingertip from Superman’s pucker, and pulled his mouth off Superman’s cock.  He smiled up at the hero, who smiled back, dazed – he looked like a man on the best chemical high science could come up with.  But the only chemistry here was the potent harnessing of Kryptonite energy.

Lex stood up, his own cock still standing at full mast.  Superman reached for it, intuitively gentle with the balls below.  Lex sighed, and smiled wider.  “Let me, I have a little more experience with this,” he said kindly.  Superman stepped back, and Lex retrieved a mix of spit and cum from his mouth, and proceeded to wet his cock with it.  Superman knelt before him, not to suck his dick – though he yearned to – but rather to see this fascinating process in action.  After just a few moments, Lex’s dick leapt to life, spewing a substantial reserve of jism.  Some of it landed on Superman’s shoulder and chest.  The hero wiped it off with a fingertip, stared at it intently, sniffed it, and then, meeting Luthor’s eyes again, licked the finger clean.

The two men, both standing again, faced each other, unashamed, enthralled, thrilled, and exhausted.  They walked together, embraced, and kissed again, the taste of their cum mingling with their sweat and saliva.  The kiss broke, and they hugged tightly, body against body.  Lex found himself leaning his head against Superman’s upper chest, and Superman found himself stroking Luthor’s head.  Both men had their eyes closed, feeling their breathing go from swift, to slightly faster than normal, to normal, to deep and relaxed.  How long they stood that way neither one could say for sure.  Finally, Lex pulled his head away, and they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Luthor – ”

“Let me.  I got you into this, now let me tell you what happens next.”

“All right.  I mean, I’m your prisoner here.  I’m sure you have plans.”

“The only plan I have is to release you, as promised.”

Superman couldn’t believe his ears.  “What are you talking about?”

“Superman, my theory has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt – and beyond my wildest expectations, I might add.  Now, as soon as I open those doors, you’re free to leave.”

“But I’ll still remember where this warehouse is, where you had Lois and me held against our will.”

“Yes.  You will know where to find this place.  You will know where these lead-lined rooms, specially calibrated to allow you to experience feeling, are located.  You’ll know that I have access to this place any time I want…and if you want it, that can be arranged.  You see, Superman,” and at this point Lex ran his hands lightly over the hero’s huge arms, “you’re free.  Go to the police, tell them I kidnapped Lois, that you offered yourself up to stay in her place until you figured out a way to outsmart me.”

“I can’t do that.  I can’t lie.”

“So be it, that’s your choice.  My point is that I have no desire to tell anyone about what happened here.  I don’t want anyone else to have the kind of amazing fun with you that I’ve had today – and that I’m hoping to have again, if you’re so inclined.”

“So – you want me to just leave, and let the police know you’re here?”

“I want you to do whatever you judge best.  I’m satisfied to know that I’ve introduced grey into your black-and-white world.  Now maybe you’ll have a better idea of the kind of life those you seek to protect really lead.”  Lex kissed Superman lightly on the lips once more.  “If you want to meet me here…well, you know where LexCorp headquarters is.  I trust you’ll find a way to send a discreet message.”

A few minutes later, after both men had dressed – helping each other to do so – Luthor used the scan devices to open the doors to the outside world.  They stepped into the open warehouse, where the fans once again blew Superman’s cape around with vigor.  “Sorry,” said Lex, “that was cheap, I know.  What can I say, I wanted a look at your ass.”  He smiled as he turned the fans off.  “Your powers, which I know are already returning, should be back to full strength in about ten minutes.  Lois will be just outside the city limits on Route 18 at that time.  Go rescue her, you do it so well.”  He winked.  “Goodbye for now, Superman.  And thank you.  I’ve never had anything like that kind of experience before.”

Superman didn’t reply.  He felt his strength returning even as he watched Lex Luthor walk out of the warehouse into the night, into a car that whisked him away.  He felt his familiar powers coming back, tested his heat vision on a nearby scrap of wood and found that it burned fairly soon.  But as his powers – the qualities that made him Superman, defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way – steadily returned to full strength, he also felt his physical sensations shutting down.  Soon, his costume would cause not a hint of reaction in his body.  His chest and penis and the rest of him, his skin, would no longer be open to the electric charge of contact.  He would only know heat by examining physical attributes and computing temperature, not by feeling.  Of all the thoughts and questions reeling through his mind – Was he gay?  Would he be able to face Lois?  Would he turn Luthor in? and infinite others – one thought stayed ever-present in the front of his mind…

He would miss the heat.




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