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The Skin of his Teeth Part 3
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Denton leaned over and slapped Clark hard twice across the face.  To his muddled astonishment it actually seemed to sting enough to arouse him into semi-consciousness.  The face that leaned over his was not that of the smiling genial professional but a hardened mask of cold fury.

The Skin of his Teeth Part 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  The Skin of His Teeth   Part 2     Denton eased the cart over beside Clark and starting making some adjustments to the controls after powering it on.  Clark fidgeted in his seat as Drake placed a heavy lead vest over his torso, trying to think of some way out of his predicament.   “Uh, umm…I don’t think that’s really necessary, Doctor.  I feel fine, really!” he mumbled.   “I am the Doctor, Mr. Kent.  Why don’t you let me decide what you need.  It’s just an x-ray, not a drill, after all.  I promise you won’t hurt a bit when I’m done with you.”  Denton said, smiling that mesmerizing smile of his.  He leaned in close to Clark and laid his strong hand on Clark’s shoulder, his thumb grazing and tickling his ear.  Clark felt flushed and confused.   “Don’y worry about a thing.  Just let me take over.  I’ve never had a patient complain yet about my bedside manner.” he quipped, that damned grin dazzling and disarming him at the same time.  He betrayed no sign of being guarded in this… Read More »The Skin of his Teeth Part 2

The Skin of his Teeth Part 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]   The Skin of his Teeth Part 1     Clark Kent stared at the memo the mailroom boy had dropped unceremiously on his desk as he was preoccupied doing the final draft of his article on the latest City proposal for the Dockside property development.  While keeping his outer composure his heart skipped a beat.  He feared these little complications most of all.  Fight a ten-story high killer robot?  Yawn!  Plug an erupting volcano with a gigantic battleship slated for the scrapyard?  Don’t you have anything hard for him to do?   But these things came as close to driving a wedge of fear into his self confidence to deal with any crisis as he’d ever known.  He stared down at the memo again.  The bean-counters in the Human Resources Dept. had determined in their infinite wisdom he was overdue to get his annual dental check-up to satisfy the group insurance dictates for all Daily Planet employees.   He’d been clever enough to dodge this bullet in the past, managing to be away on assignment during the re-enrollment period.  But someone had spotted… Read More »The Skin of his Teeth Part 1