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Batman Gets Laid
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 5] Fan-fiction for adult, mature readers. Batman Gets Laid   By Cum, an unknown author; May 1998. (Enhanced/expanded/adjusted by Rick Henry 05-2021;   Batman breathed in deeply, his massive chest filling with air. It was nearing morning, the night around him still cool and dark… hidden from the prying eyes of almost everybody. He sighed, almost bored. He was getting a little tired of the super hero business. There hadn’t been a major crime in several months, and the “little stuff,” didn’t stimulate much of his keener interests. Sitting alone by himself under the hidden, central overhang of a notable skyscraper, he decided to jerk-off because there was nothing else to do…. Well, he did remember his recent meeting with Superman, and how that always stirred his blood to total distraction. What an incredible man he was, even greater than his own impressive physique… what kind of cock could that superb alien have? Wondering how, what it might be like, to become intimate with him? But that wasn’t likely. Superman seemed to be a little goofy over that Lois, or so it appeared. He sighed.… Read More »Batman Gets Laid