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Superman Rasslin Fun Part 6
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 3 Average: 5]  Superman Rasslin Fun   Author: Rhmrz Part 6 The Rolls Royce drove at high speed, out of the bustle of Metropolis in high into the outskirt mountains. The roads were winding, rising higher and higher. Obviously expensive real estate territory. Luxurious mansions were found here, and Lex Luthor’s was no exception. Perched high above Metropolis, the views were spectacular.  It was one of the many homes Lex owned. Not as grand as Lex Manor, but this one was a more modern, high tech sort of home. The Rolls went into the driveway and down into a parking lot. The driver stopped and opened the door. Lex stepped out, smiling. He then turned back to the car, looking at the costumed hero slumped on the floor. Zane stepped out, looking smug, twirling in the air playfully Superman’s yellow belt that he had removed earlier. Lex grabbed Superman’s wrist and dragged the hero out of the car. Zane offered to help, but Lex was determined to savour every every moment of this. Lex’s mind briefly flashed back to all the humiliating defeats at the hand of Superman….Nuclear Man, The… Read More »Superman Rasslin Fun Part 6

Superman Rasslin Fun Part 5
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 5]  Superman Rasslin Fun   Author: Rhmrz Part 5 The referee then turned towards the crowd, and immediately start the bidding; ‘O.K. Guys and Gals, who wants to strip the Man of Steel?’ Roaring applause and cheering ensues. Zane then went up and took the microphone from the referee’s hand, ‘First up, I know it’s not in the rules, but as the winner of the match I claim Superman’s belt as my trophy’  There were more cheers as Zane went up to Superman and with a devilish grin begin to unbuckle his belt, deliberately taking his time to fondle his cock until it was hard again and he was moaning like the bitch that Zane reduced him to. As Superman pants subconsciously in pleasure, Zane continued to pull the belt through the loops of Superman’s red briefs and leaned towards him and whispered: “This is gonna come in handy later on when I need to keep you in line, just think it’s a collar, leash and strap all in one” Superman’s cock is tenting his costume obscenely as Zane backs away from him and despite the… Read More »Superman Rasslin Fun Part 5

Superman Rasslin Fun Part 4
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman Rasslin Fun   Author: Rhmrz Part 4   (Superman’s Thoughts):” Urgh, Zane… he’s destroying me, dominating me, must resist, but I can’t. He’s touching me, pleasuring me, draining my strength. I’ve got to resist, got to beat him…can’t let him win, can’t let him strip me in front of the crowd. Oh no, he’s on top of me again. His firm body is forcing me to stay down, keeping me beneath him. Every time I try to push him off my hand slide over his solid glistening pecs, up and down his washboard abs, his body….so powerful, so strong. He’s bigger than me and stronger than I am, he’s more powerful than Superman and I can feel as his groin thrusts into mine, pleasuring me, making me hard and draining me of my strength. Got to stop him, but it feels so good, feels so right to submit to him, to let him dominate me to give in to the pleasure. His hands clamp down around my wrists. I struggle to break free, but I can’t, I’m weak and his every move is grinding… Read More »Superman Rasslin Fun Part 4

Superman Rasslin Fun Part 3
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 4 Average: 4.5]  Superman Rasslin Fun   Author: Rhmrz Part 3   (Superman’s Thoughts): “uuhhh, can’t think straight….pleasant feelings….I close my eyes….something is happening to me…but yet…I still can’t focus….I can only focus on warm…fuzzy…..feeling….uhhhhh.” (Zanes’s Thoughts): “very interesting….I’m enjoying groping Superman….perhaps the reason he is like this is because I’m stimulating his erogenous zones…he must not get a lot of action…maybe I’m ‘reminding’ him of what he desires…Now, let’s see what the male erogenous zones were….the package, the feet, neck, ears, eyelids, inner thighs, under his arms….behind the knees, his ass….” Zane decided to test out his theory, disguising his sinister ‘experiment, he got Superman into a Boston crab position, which meant Superman was lying face down as his legs were bent high into the sky with his shins underneath Zane’s armpits. At this moment, Zane used his fingers to stimulate Superman behind his knees, through the blue fabric. He let Superman’s legs fall to the ground. Superman turned around, half dazed, the hair on his head soaked with sweat. Zane grabbed Superman’s red booted feet and squeezed, again noticing the softening of Superman’s body and the… Read More »Superman Rasslin Fun Part 3

Superman Rasslin Fun Part 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]Superman Rasslin Fun   Author: Rhmrz Part 2 The Man of Steel was led onto a metal table. The dull metallic surface  was in stark contrast to the colourful blue and red costume that adorned Superman’s muscular body. The staff member spoke “normally we would request you to remove your super suit Superman, but for the purposes of speeding up the process I  don’t think it will make much difference.” Superman looked around, always eager to help, “Ok, no problem. what will  I wear in the wrestling ring?” The staff member smiled “Your famous costume of course!” At that moment there was a knock on the door, and Jean Howard, the business owner, walked in. “Ah Superman, thank you again for your participation! We are always trying to find unique ways to raise money for charity!” Superman smiled, always the good citizen “Always glad to help. How much  have we raised so far?” Jean did some mental sums in his head “hmm, let’s see, we had the broadcast rights of $2Million, ticket sales of $1Million, so $3Million so far.” Superman was surprised “that’s excellent, is that… Read More »Superman Rasslin Fun Part 2

Superman Rasslin Fun Part 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 3]  Superman Rasslin Fun   Author: Rhmrz Part 1   The buildings were run down; most of them boarded up, with rusty nails which stuck out dangerously, the walls covered over with messy graffiti. This seedy part of town had been largely neglected by Metropolis City Hall. Until one day, an old warehouse was bought by a local businessman, Jean Howard. In no time, it was converted into a boxing ring and gym. And so the old run down building was revamped and renamed ‘Superbox’. Whilst this area was notorious for crime and unemployment, the gym had provided employment opportunities for the local hobos. Without Jean’s help, they would have continued to beg for money and rely on community handouts. Jean trained them to perform manual tasks such as cleaning and setting up the gym and boxing ring. It wasn’t long before Metropolis City Hall awarded a prestigious Mayor’s prize to Jean for services to the community. Jean was flattered, and commented that his greatest reward was to serve the community and see it improve. One of the staff members suggested a PR boost could be… Read More »Superman Rasslin Fun Part 1