Superman learns to wrestle

Superman Learns to Wrestle
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Superman learns to wrestle… It was a request he couldn’t resist. Superman had been asked to appear at a charity pro-wrestling match to raise money for under privileged kids in the neighbourhood. He would be handing out the prizes to the winning wrestlers of the tournament and mixing with the kids. He’d actually always been a fan of wrestling but of course he could never wrestle another guy himself in case he injured his opponent, but he followed all the big names and caught up with the fights on TV when he had time. Arriving at the venue, a gym in a rough part of town, he quickly scanned the inside with his x-ray vision noting that there were just a couple of guys in a ring grappling on the canvas. He could see no audience or reporters to cover his arrival. Curious, he entered the gym and began walking up to the ring – the wrestlers inside seeming oblivious to his presence. “Hey, guys, I’m here for the….”, before he could finish the sentence, a thick cloud of greenish smoke blew out from… Read More »Superman Learns to Wrestle