Superman Powerhouse to Plaything

Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 3 Average: 4.7]  Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 2              The man of steel awoke alone, still groggy, thanks to a night of tormented dreams.  Erotic and vivid imaginings of beautiful man on man sex, most of which starred him and the young man from the club.  At first they all seemed innocent enough.  The boy thanking him for rescuing him from the clutches of an evil pimp, and Bobby thanking him and in awe of his overwhelming strength and of the near perfect body of earth’s greatest champion.  Of course the dreams slowly became seedier.  One began with Superman arriving at the nightclub, and seeing Bobby dancing in his boots and firemen’s hat.  Waving his cock around like a fire hose.  As the dream continued, Superman who had been drinking shots of tequila at the bar climbed upon the stage and after kissing Bobby deep and hard on the mouth, pulled down his blue trunks and let Bobby kiss and suck on his beautiful cock, which Bobby and the stud of steel both enjoyed immensely, as did the crowd that gathered.  As the… Read More »Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 2

Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 6 Average: 4.2]  Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 1                 The Man of Steel patrolled the calm starry night’s sky, scanning the streets below with his X-Ray eyes.  The streets of the city he had sworn to protect were unusually quiet.  It was a wonderful scene and filled the proud hero with a sense of calm serenity that he was certain was similar to the gratification genuine humans got from the act of sexual release.                 It was near eleven thirty as he continued his patrol of the evening sky, the harsh wind whipping his mop of black hair around making him seem even more masculine and powerful.  His sense of calm was broken however by the dense sound of throbbing base music.  Suddenly an explosion of fireworks illuminated the night sky and the man of steel gazed at the lights perplexed.  It was clearly a violation to detonated fireworks within the city limits of the great city, and so he headed off in the direction of the throbbing base, and towards where his eyes had spied the fireworks which continued to explode in the sky above… Read More »Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 1