TDJL Book I Tarzan

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 9
4.5 (2)

At the edge of the tarmac, Bill takes a last hungry leer at young Jake, squatting under the C-130, his buttocks clearly defined in the snug jumpsuit, inspecting the interior of a wheel well. “So, forget about Red… Red is off limits to me… Red is not for sale. Such audacity, to set boundaries for me…we’ll just see about Red,” thinks Bill.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 6
5 (2)

Tarzan is transported to his new home. The hunter watches from the co-pilot’s seat of the multi engine turbo prop transport as the coast of Africa disappears and the gray waters of the Atlantic appear. “So…what’s so special about the air cargo that that you need to lease my entire plane—just to move one mysterious cubical covered tightly with a tarp?” ask the pilot.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 5
5 (3)

The Hunter and Tarzan take a walk. It’s been an hour since the hunter left the river clearing, leading the captive jungle man towards the trail which will take them to the drop-point many miles away… where a companion will meet him with transportation. The hunter looks behind occasionally to watch the Tarzan’s restrained rippling muscles as he leads his “catch of the day,” by the chain attached to Tarzan’s collar and ball shackle.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 4
5 (2)

A half hour later Tarzan is fully awake and thrashing around blindly in the sand, grunting and snarling through the ball gag pulling at the leather restraints that bind his arms tightly behind his back. The hunter watches in amusement as the jungle man thrashes his head wildly, trying to free himself of the tight leather gorilla hood over his head, as he begins to panic and freak out at the darkness and his captivity. Rather expected, snorts the hunter to himself, with little compassion.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 2
5 (2)

The story continues with The Hunter preparing for the taming of the Jungle Lord. Several minutes later, the hunter approaches Tarzan as he lays face down with his face buried in the sandy soil. The hunter stares down at the young jungle man clad only in a loin cloth as he circles his downed prey several times. The hunter drops the sack and nudges the big jungle man in the ribs hard with his foot, trying to arouse him. “The jungle boy is out cold,” says the hunter out loud.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 1
5 (4)

The Jungle Lord has made a dangerous enemy, that sent a Hunter after him.
The hunter continually scans the silent night of the deep jungle from its high trees to the river’s edge, hoping to sight the young jungle man he seeks. It is nearly 5AM and the sun will rise soon. He has been watching since sunset having arrived at his present vantage point just before sun-up the day before.