The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 9F
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 9 New Friends, Old Friends and Enemies Galore

Chapter 9F. Supes Gets Ridden



Note: This is the last chapter I found in my files, I don’t know if the author considere this the end or if him planed more chapters and did’t write them or maybe he publish them but i did’t download them. If someone Have more chapter please send them to me. Love you guys.



Superman waited on hand and knee while Sgt. Walters and Bart Harrow outfitted him for an afternoon of fun and games. They had already fitted the muscle bound alien’s arms and legs into long rubber and latex horse legs ending in realistic hooves. The legs were black and covered in nylon making them look very much like equestrian animal appendages. The hooves were actual horse hooves and Superman’s hands were jammed inside a pair of them. Before cramming the hero’s upper limbs into the horse legs, Sgt. Harrow had forced the new pony to make fists with his nylon covered hands and had wrapped rubber straps around them to help them fit better into their new hooves. Superman could use his hands for nothing but hooves in this current state. The black equestrian legs went up Superman’s arms all the way to his shoulders, where they strapped tightly around each upper arm and then all the way around the hero’s upper back and chest. As for the hero’s legs, w hile the beaten hero knelt, Sgt. Walters forced Superman’s wide muscular thighs against his pantyhosed shins. The sadistic sergeant wrapped more rubber straps around his legs to keep them bent. He wrapped these rubber straps around and around until the muscular legs were cocooned. Superman’s hosed feet stuck out from the new cocoons. To take care of them Sgt. Walters had Bart Harrow force each foot flat against Superman’s ass. Then the sergeant used a few more straps and strapped the beaten alien’s feet in place. This forced Superman’s large stockinged feet up against his pantyhosed ass tightly and painfully, due to not only the kryptonite pins which now not only pressed deeper into the stud’s feet but also into his thoroughly tenderized ass cheeks, but also the strict painful position in which they were bound. Then the hind horse legs were pulled up over the new pony’s lower appendages, the hooves of these covering Superman’s hosed knees, and the black nylon covered legs go ing high enough to cover his entire wrapped up lower appendages, fastening with more straps around each just below Superman’s crotch.   

Superman hung his head in shame as he was fitted into his new pony gear. He winced and whimpered as the new legs were strapped on. Superman could not bend his arms or legs. They were painfully forced their new positions and he knelt on his new hooves, his front legs a bit longer than his back and jutting out in front of him forcing him into quite an equestrian standing position. His black hair, once perfectly quaffed, hung down like the hair of a horse as sweat pored from it. 

Then Sgt. Walters  picked up the saddle again and roughly sat it down onto Superman’s powerful back. This saddle was a mixture of an English and a Western saddle, to accommodate it’s current usage. At the pommel which perched high on Superman’s upper shoulders and neck was a western horn. The side flaps hung down over the stud’s muscular torso and held the stirrups a bit higher than normal, so that when a rider sat, his feet ended up alongside the pony’s torso against the flaps. This was so that the rider could get in some good kicks whilst he rode. To the rear of the saddle, was a panel that reached far enough down to cover the wearer’s lower back and ass. This Sgt Walters pulled down to do just that on Superman. The leather panel covered Superman’s trapped feet and had a couple of straps that hung down off of it. There was a hole situated in the center of the panel. Sgt. Walters adjusted the saddle a bit and then grabbed th e gi rth strap and cinched it tight around Superman’s abs. Then he grabbed up the straps from the back panel and cinched them tightly to the underside of the girth. This caused Superman to wince in pain as his feet tightened further against his ass. Then the sergeant knelt down behind his new pony and further adjusted the rear of the saddle so that the hole was properly positioned. When he was satisfied, he asked Bart Harrow for the new pony’s tail. Harrow grinned as he picked up the realistic looking horse hair tail and handed it to the sergeant. Superman tried to stretch his neck around to get a view of it but only caught a glimpse of the thing he knew was fixing to be shoved up his ass. Sgt. Walters noticed his captive trying to see what was coming and took full advantage of the situation. He tested that the thing would be able to penetrate the hole in the back panel, and then when he was sure that it would fit, he stood and strode around in front of the kneeling super hero. ” It wouldn’t be right, if our pony didn’t have a proper tail, now would it Supes?” He made sure that the trapped stud got a good look at the tail that would soon be part of the costume. “That’s right supersissy, wouldn’t want that hungry hole of your’s to be empty for too long would we, This here tail is gonna fill ya up all afternoon!” He laughed as he rubbed the fat black rubber cock head of the ten inch dildo tail around Superman’s quivering cum covered lips. The long horse hair at the base of the rubber dong swayed and swished as his tormentor forced the bulbous head through the quivering orifice. “Better get it nice and wet, ponyboy. Your spit’s the only lube you’re gonna get for your pretty new tail. As if that quim of your’s needed any lube after the double pounding it just took.” Walters laughed harder as he ground the dildo around  awhile in Superman’s cum coated mouth. Then he pulled it out, went back around to Superman’s ass and shoved it home.    

Then Sgt. Walters decided to try the saddle out and mounted the new pony. Sitting high in the saddle, he asked Harrow to hand him the reins. Bart reached over and handed the sergeant the reins which he had been holding. Sgt. Walters examined the leather device for a few seconds and said, “Mr. Harrow would you kindly help me rein in this stallion!” He laughed as he reached forward with the reins.   

The reins consisted of a leather strap head harness like the ones used in S&M play, a rubber bit gag and two long leather straps for the reins themselves. With Bart’s help, Sgt. Walters fitted the leather harness over Superman’s head and strapped it tightly on. He forced the rubber bit into the stud’s mouth and cinched the strap that held it in place around Superman’s neck. The bit did what it was supposed to and while gagging the alien it bit deep into the sides of his already battered lips. The reins hung down along the sides of Superman’s face. Bart Harrow reached down and grabbed them, then he handed them to the sergeant perched up in the saddle on the new pony plaything’s back.    

Sgt. Walters grasped the reins and yanked them back hard. He instructed his pony stallion, “Listen up super pony. This is how it’s gonna work. If the man in your saddle here yanks on your left rein,” he demonstrated with a yank backwards of the left rein, “You go left! ”   

Superman winced as his head was jerked to the left. He didn’t comprehend fast enough though; and, the sergeant used the heel of his left boot in the left stirrup to send a sharp quick kick into Superman’s side. “I said left, horsy!” Walters kicked with his left stirruped boot heel again.   

Superman slowly began to wobble to the left. Sgt. Walters instructed on, “And if he pulls on both reins, you stop, super horsy.” He pulled back on both reins roughly, yanking Superman’s head back. Superman stopped.   

“Good horsy, boy!” Sgt. Walters patted Superman’s head. “I bet you know what to do when I do this then, huh?” The sergeant yanked on the right rein. Superman tried to wobble to the right but lost his balance and fell over, sending the sadistic sergeant to the floor.  

Bart Harrow laughed at the sight of Superman and Sgt. Walters tangled up in a heap on the floor, the saddle still fastened around Superman, and Walters’ right boot still pinned in the stirrup underneath.   

Sgt. Walters was livid. He kicked out at the stupid pony boy and fought to get up. Superman remained on his side his strapped horse legs sticking straight out. The saddled super hero whimpered and moaned at this newest injustice. Walters, in his fury, snatched up the last of the pony gear that he had brought along. With the hard, flexible, horse whip he flailed at the downed stallion. The crop caught Superman on the tops of his feet which were strapped flat to his ass. Even through the leather of the saddle panel, the whip did it’s job. The sting to Superman’s feet and ass was excruciating. The kryptonite pins making their point. “Get your filthy ass up on those hooves, bitch!” Sgt. Walters spat, as he rained blows of the crop down onto Superman.   

Superman could do nothing but obey. If he lay there, he knew he would be beaten unconscious. He dug deep into his inner self and found the strength to right himself on his new hooves. It was no easy task as there was no bend to his new “legs”. Even if he did now have four of them, there just was no give, and he had to endure the evil sergeant’s constant whip blows throughout. He finally managed to get himself up again and remained still awaiting his next order. No tears accompanied his demeanor, now. He was all cried out, now all he could do was whinny and whine like the animal they had turned him into.   

Sgt. Walters stopped whipping the stud and decided to try again. He remounted Superman’s saddled back. Then he resumed his instructions. For the next thirty minutes, Sgt. Walters put his new stallion through his paces. He instructed Superman on all the rein commands and even had Superman moving at a faster pace now and then. He walked Superman all over the cell. He made his new pony boy walk and trot and go left and right and stop and start etc etc etc. Somehow Superman found the will to follow commands, before long the new pony was almost trotting along, head held high moving left and right and stopping with the reins. Sgt. Walters used the crop and his boot heels often to accentuate a command. Finally he was satisfied and dismounted.   

“You want a ride , Mr. Harrow?” Sgt. Walters addressed Superman’s cell mate. “Please, be my guest! This bucking bronco’s busted!” He laughed as Bart cautiously climbed atop Superman’s back. Bart took a few rounds of the cell, Walters instructing him on how to ride and how to use his heels and the crop. Superman trudged on. What else could he do.    

After Bart had his ride, Sgt. Walters said, “Ok super pony, let’s get you out to your adoring public, shall we?” With that he mounted the stallion-of- steel’s back and guided Superman out into the hallway.    

Superman was astonished at the sight of some thirty or forty orange jumper clad men who lined the hallway, cheering his entrance. He made his way along, Sgt. Walters on his saddled back, until he felt the pull of both reins and he stopped. The sadistic sergeant once again dismounted and addressed the throng of waiting jail birds. “Gentlemen, here is your entertainment for the afternoon. Everyone gets a ride. If you’ve never ridden a horse before, you are in for quite a thrill, as this here stallion is quite the ride.” He laughed, as did many of the prisoners. Then Sgt. Walters pointed to one of the younger men in the crowd and said, “Mr Collier here is gonna take the first ride. All the rest of ya’ll watch him as he will show ya how it’s done.” He pulled Superman by the reins over to where a young blond headed man in the typical orange jumpsuit stood waiting. Superman noticed that the young Mr. Colliers wore a pair of pointed toe cowboy boots inst ead of the normal prisoner slippers. To Superman’s horror the boots were complete with a shiny pair of pointy boot spurs. They clanged as Colliers made his way over to the dejected hero. Colliers mounted Superman and demonstrated the spurs first off. The young criminal buried the points of the right spur into Superman’s side and shaking the reins yelled “Getty up, super stallion!” Then he used the crop on his mounts ass, as Superman moved along to give the young man the ride of his life.

Young jailed Colliers whipped and spurred Superman along the long hallway up and down. When they passed Sgt. Walters, once, Superman heard him telling the other prisoner’s that Colliers had ridden rodeo before he was arrested.  Superman could attest to that fact as the young man proved to be a seasoned rider. He had Superman galloping along up and down the hard floors of the hallway, using that damned crop and those shiny pointy spurs expertly.   Superman was sweaty and every muscle in his strapped up body ached when Colliers pulled back on the reins and hollered “Whoah, boy, Whoah!” But this was just the start of Superman’s humiliating afternoon. The men all took turns riding the super stallion’s back up and down the hallway. Some of them borrowed Collier’s boots to spur him on, others who couldn’t fit into them either had their own or borrowed Sgt. Walters’ big heeled cop boots for the task. All of them learned how to use the riding crop on Superman’s sore sweaty body. 

Just when the former man of steel thought that his humiliation was complete, Sgt. Walters introduced new humiliations. The sadistic bastard had installed a troff down at the far end of the hallway. Around the troff, the floor was covered in hay, and horsefeed. Inside the troff was empty. Walters had the current rider atop Superman’s back ,trot the hero down to the troff. He laughed as he wiped a bead of sweat from Superman’s brow. Then he unfastened the strap that held the rubber bit between Superman’s teeth. As the bit fell away, Walters ordered, “Super pony, looks like you could use a rest and maybe a little nourishment, huh?” He pointed down to the hay and horsefeed on the floor and said “Eat up, ponyboy!” He used the crop to swat at the base of the horsetail up Superman’s ass. “And eat as much as you can, horsy. You’ve got a long day ahead of you. You’re gonna need your strength.” He laughed as Superman began lapping up some of the feed sca ttered on the floor. Then as the defeated hero turned animal ate, Sgt. Walters sauntered up to the troff and unzipped his trousers. He pulled out his semi-erect penis and began pissing a long stream of warm urine into the metal water troff. “You’re gonna need somethin’ to wash all that feed down with, boy. Let me give ya something nice and wet, here.” He grinned down at the feeding ponyboy, and then said to the rest of the men in the hall, “Anybody else got anything to contribute to the pony’s nourishment? Please step right up!” He laughed out loud as a few of the men stepped up and began peeing in the troff.   

Sgt. Walters finished his piss, shook off and put himself away. As he was buttoning up, he walked around behind Superman and with a swift kick to the tail, ordered, “Get your face in there and start drinkin’ Supes. Before the end of your riding lessons, I expect that troff to be empty. We can’t leave a troff filled with tepid piss out here in the hallway all week now can we. And you’ll have to eat up all that hay and feed too. Don’t want to leave a nasty floor either do we.” The sergeant kicked Superman along as the rider reined him up to the troff.   

Superman obediently lapped piss from the troff as men continued to relieve themselves. A few of the criminals even washed the stallion down as he drank. Some of the men, overly exited by the days events, stroked themselves off into the troff. Sgt. Walters even emptied the pouch that was collecting Superman’s own juices into the troff for the hero to lap up. He reasoned to himself that there would more than likely be a lot more where that came from as he replaced the pouch at Superman’s side. Superman’s hair got a good piss bath and then the bit was replaced and the rides resumed. Every now and then, he was led back to the troff for a feeding and watering.    

Into the early evening Superman trotted along giving rides to the prisoners. Finally Sgt. Walters announced that it was time to end the festivities. The troff was finally empty and there was very little feed and hay left on the floor. Superman was running on pure adrenaline now. Every man had at least one good long ride and some had taken seconds. Superman’s sides were bloody from the spurs and boots. His ass back and neck muscles were throbbing and spasming from the wear and tear. His legs and arms were numb and had long sense lost all feeling. Superman was in a daze. He was just following commands instinctively now. His cock was still throbbingly hard and leaking into the pouch, which bounced along on his side as he gave rides.          

The prisoners were all led away, back to their cells. Sgt’ Walters yelled after them, “Don’t worry boys, This stallion’s gonna be here a long time, awaiting trial. I’m sure he will be obliged to give ya all another ride sometime soon.” The laughs of all the jail birds echoed down the hall as Sgt. Walters announced that there was one final ride that the pony needed to make and then he could get along back to his cell with Bart Harrow, to get cleaned up. The sergeant mounted Superman’s saddle and using the reins guided Superman along to the door to the anteroom of Interrogation K.  Bart Harrow opened the door and Sgt. Walters reined Superman through it. Superman noticed that a ramp had been set up leading to a platform just under the large mirror along the wall between the two rooms. As the sergeant led Superman up the ramp, the weary hero reckoned that they all must have been watching his interrogations from this room. When they got to the pla tform under the large fake mirror, Superman got the shock of the day. Sgt. Walters pulled on the left rein turning Superman towards the mirror where the animalized crime fighter saw an old friend seated at the desk inside Interrogation K. A surge of excitement caused Superman to stir emotionally. The cowled man on the other side of the glass could just be Superman’s savior. Superman felt a tear well up in his eye.

Sgt. Walters yanked on the reins and busted Superman’s bubble for the moment. “Don’t get any crazy ideas, super sissy! Batman can’t get you out of the jam you are in. You still gotta stand trial for murder. Batman is here to visit because we have plans for him too.” He kicked at Superman’s side. “You are gonna be a good boy and help us with those plans!” He laughed as he reined his pony down the ramp and back to the cell.


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