Superman And The New School Thug Part 6
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Superman And The New School Thug 

Part 6

Author: tynfyr


 Superman clenched his gorgeous buns shut, as soon as he heard Jeremy call him by his name. Squirming quickly out from under Adonis, Superman’s eyes darted frantically back and forth between the two black men.

Obviously irritated at having lost his grip on Superman’s incredible body, Adonis looked visibly confused and said, “Who the fuck is Clark, bro!?”

“I think the better question is, ‘who is Superman?'”, Jeremy said slyly.

Superman moved back across the room, willing his armor/suit to completely cover his body. “I don’t what is going on, fellas, but I don’t like it!”, he said attempting to sound stern.

“Now, now, Clark, no need to get your little red panties in a bunch. Our friend, Adonis, has asked me too help you with your problem.”, states Big Jer calmly.

Superman’s skin crawls every time he calls him, “Clark”, and the hair on the back of his neck stands up when he uses the term, “friend”.

Adonis asks Jeremy again about the whole “Clark” thing, as he looks over at Superman. Adonis’ blue eyes gazed longingly at the amazing build of Superman, wishing he was still on top of him, as he was just minutes ago.

Superman’s chest expands as he takes a deep breath. The large pecs flare outward as tries to calm himself and attempt to make sense of this entire day

First, he is fired from the SFRMS for actions he cannot remember, let alone comprehend. Next, he finds himself almost completely nude with his valet’s large package pressed against his asscrack. Making matter’s worse, he found that he enjoyed the sensation. Beyond all this craziness, the son of a man that worked with his father back on the farm in Smallville, walked in and calls him, “Clark”!

Attempting to regain control of the situation, Superman folds his powerful arms across his massive chest and says, “I’ve had enough of this nonsense. I have no idea who this Clark is that you keep referring to, but I’m leaving!”

Big Jer moves confidently towards Superman, his towering frame seems to fill the room. Looking Superman directly in his bright blue eyes, he states, “You’re not going anywhere, Clark!”

Then, with only one large ebony hand placed on Superman’s chest, he pushes him roughly toward the bed and continues, “Are you, Clark!?”

As soon as Jeremy touched Superman, he felt it, a sudden weakness, a loss of equilibrium, difficulty breathing and an inability to focus or think clearly. “No!! This cannot be possible!”, Superman thought, as the terrible reality set in.

Adonis looked on in disbelief, as Superman fell back clumsily. As Superman grabbed hold of the side of the bed, the world’s most beloved hero began to back away from Big Jer.

Adonis rushed to Superman’s side and tried to hold him steady. Adonis then shouted with an uncharacteristic amount of concern, “What the fuck, bro!?! What did you do to him?” Apparently, the few weeks of pretending to care had an unexpected effect on ‘Don.

“Well, well, well, don’t tell me you’re starting to fall for the blue boy scout? After all I’ve done for you, you go and get a hardon for this motherfucker, bro? That’s some ratchet ass shit, bro!”, mutters Jeremy angrily, as he moves slowly toward the two.

“Hell naw, dude! Don’t get it twisted! I’m just looking out for the merchandise, that’s all the fuck it is…”, replies Adonis.

“Ok, bro, you can show me better than you can tell me…”, interrupted Big Jer, “…show this punk a little taste of what you can do.”

Looking back at Superman, he noticed that Supes has broken out in a sweat. With the famous lock of hair plastered to that gorgeous mug, The man of steel is pointing at Big Jer’s hand and mumbling a single word over and over, “kryptonite…”

“Dude, don’t trip and just tell me what’s going on. You know I’m not like that. I’ve told you that before, I don’t like dudes. I like pussy and pussy only.”, insists Adonis.

Looking down at his buddy’s crotch, Jeremy remarks, “Yea, right. Is that why your dick is still hard from playing with Clark’s booty. When I came through the door, I could see how you was staring at his asshole like it was your favorite ice cream. If I hadn’t walked in, you would probably still be licking on it, right now. ”

Neither Superman nor Adonis could ignore that there was more than just a little jealousy in his voice.

“Chill the fuck out with that fag shit! I’ll show you what’s really good”, says Adonis, trying to ignore the realization that his eleven inches was almost rock-hard and running prominently down his left leg. Without an ounce of hesitation, he viciously backhands Superman with a strong backhand and his telekinesis.

Superman flies up in the air and lands on the bed with a loud thud. His lip begins to swell as he feels Don’s betrayal sink in. He tries to lift himself off the bed, but just slumps back down. “How is he able to hit so hard!”, wonders Superman.

“How did that shit feel, bitch?”, asks Adonis, as he uses hus tk to wrap the super hero’s cape around him, effectively immobilizing the muscle bound alien.

“There’s plenty more where that came from, you punk ass, condescending son of a bitch!”, ‘Don whispers to Superman in his ear as he grabs the thick wavy hair and proceeds to slap him back and forth with increasing force.

“I guess I pushed the right button that time. He has no clue that I looked in his mind and found Adonis getting turned on by that white boy. I’ll be damned if I let that motherfucker take what’s mine!”, thought Jeremy to himself. Watching as his homeboy beat the shit out of Superman, he saw the once handsome features bruised and battered.

“Stop, Adonis, please! You hurting me, stop it! Why are you doing this! I thought you were my friend?”, cries out Superman, as his face is slapped in one direction and then another. Superman’s shock goes even further as he feels his lip split and tastes blood inside his mouth.

“You want me to stop, then make me! I guess you’re going to have to will your armor/suit away!”, taunts Adonis enthusiastically. He reaches back and hesitates for a second, looking intently at Superman. “Go ahead, bro. Take that shit off!”

Knowing that he has no choice, Superman slowly reveals his fantastic physique. As it were melting off his body, the top part of his armor fades away until he is stripped to the waist. Although his face was battered and swollen, his chest and arms were untouched. Somehow he knew this wouldn’t last.

“I like him better in the jeans. Change into the jeans, no underwear, bitch!”, commands Jeremy.

“Make damn sure you’re sagging deep like you were in the videos you told me about!”, laughs Adonis, as he stands up to move close to Big Jer.

Superman’s heart sank as he knew where this could be headed. He began to recall many of the gay comments in the speeches given to him by the SFRMS during his last weeks as a spokesperson. Reluctantly, he did as he as he was told. Still laying on his back, he was horrified to feel a strong tug on the buttons on the fly of his tight jeans and the fly was pulled open.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! The buttons were ripped open and two of them actually broke off and flew across the room. Superman looked down in dismay, as he could see his all of his pubic hair and the beginning of his cock shaft. At least two full inches of his fat twelve inch superdick was clearly visible as it lay over his big hairy balls.

Seeing that neither man had layer a finger on him, Superman panicked. Rolling over on his stomach, he tried to scramble off the bed and to the door. Desperately trying to escape, Superman only succeeded in causing his jeans to slide further down his legs, which hindered his movement.

Both black guys marveled at the sight of the hero trying to escape. The two white boulders of Superman ‘s ass jiggled enticingly and even separated a couple of times, giving a glimpse of the perfect hole. The virgin rosebud winking and teasing the young thugs before it disappeared amidst the dark, damp ass hairs in the crack.

“Stop, Clark!” Jeremy commanded. “You might want to look at the tv before you go!”, he added.

Superman stood with one hand on the doorknob and one hand holding up his pants, he looked back over his shoulder with a lump of dread in his throat. There on the hd tv, was Superman standing with his back toward the two sadistic men.

His broad back and tiny waist covered in beads of sweat that dripped down on his delectable ass. His once strong arms, weakened by the kryptonite gemstones in Jeremy’s ring, shuddered uncontrollably, as if ice cold.

“Now, if I were you, Clark, I would rethink this plan of action. Maybe, just maybe, if you cooperate, we can come up with a mutual agreement. Who knows, you just might like it, eventually.”, Adonis suggests ominously.

“Yea, Clark. No one has to know about this, but us!”, Big Jer lies deliberately. for he knows that by the time he is through, all of Metropolis would become very familiar with semi-naked hunk standing nervously at the door of high priced suite.

“Now lay back down on the bed on your stomach…,” ‘Don directs, “Go ahead and drop those jeans to the floor before you get there.”, Adonis adds, almost salivating.

Superman hangs his head down as he complies slowly. Almost like a striptease, the rest of his flawless physique comes into view. The thick thighs covered with a thick layer of hair, the muscular calves and strong feet. Every part of Superman was perfect and screamed “fuck me”.

As he lay on the bed, now completely naked and vulnerable, he hid his face in the crook of his arm. He soon felt Adonis crawl onto the bed, straddling his thighs again. He immediately felt the big fat boner against his bubble butt. Even through Adonis’ pants, he could feel the heat of his dick.

Superman cringed as his cheeks were spread apart much wider than before, as no pretense of a friendly massage was needed.

“Now, where were we, Mister Superman ..!?!”, inquires Adonis sarcastically, as Big Jer laughs maniacally nearby.

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