The Hunter and the Prey

The Hunter and the Prey Part 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  The Hunter and the Prey  Author: Unknown Part 2   Ten hours had passed and a wagon covered truck was rolling along a dusty road in the open wild of Africa. Kraven and his henchmen had captured New York’s Web-Wonder with ease and had transported him to other continent. “When we arrive at the camp, I want Spider-man bound to the stake and given fresh water. Do not remove his mask and do not remove the shackles until ordered. I want him bound for a while so he gain his strength back and then I will give him the rules of how this game will be played. In the end I will win of course” said Kraven. Another 20 minutes had passed and the truck was pulling up to the camp. Several muscle bound men were working about the camp. After stopping, Kraven’s two main henchmen lifted the casket off the back of the truck and opened up the casket and removed the body bag encased the hero. Within 10 minutes Spider-man was shackled and bound with chains to a metal post with his… Read More »The Hunter and the Prey Part 2

The Hunter and the Prey Part 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0] This story is the continuation of Jokers and Goblins, if I remember correctly it was published in the Yahoo Group named PerilsOfSpiderman. This story wasn’t completed and only 2 parts were published. The story has some grammar problems I try to correct at the best of my knowledge. Hope you enjoy it. The Hunter and the Prey  Author: Unknown Part 1 Thirty-six hours passed since the Green Goblin and Joker had stripped Peter of his manhood. In the hours that had passed Peter managed to find a pair of his torn tights that were somewhat intact and locate his web shooters and his torn stained mask. His shirts were in tatters and could not be worth wearing. Barely able to crawl or walk because of his sore ass, Peter carefully swung home in a great deal of pain. He knew several ribs were cracked from his beatings. Once reaching home Peter managed to drop onto the rooftop of his apartment and stumble through the skylight. Once in his apartment, Peter inched his way into his bedroom and fell onto the bed in his tattered tights… Read More »The Hunter and the Prey Part 1