Revised author (Rick Henry)

Superman, The Beginning of the End [Illustrated version.] Part 2
5 (1)

While he was out, they decided to strip him completely, tone down the green lights, which was even making them a little woozy… hosed him off and refastened his bonds. (They had been warned not to keep him under too long. Twenty, thirty minutes at most, then go down to half power. It could be dangerous for all concerned. A stratagem that hadn’t been tried before.)

Superman, The Beginning of the End [Illustrated version.] Part 1
5 (1)

The stolen dark red car screeched to a halt inside the rundown warehouse. Two masked teenage boys jumped out. The smaller one hastily ran to the entrance and began closing the huge metal door, miffed that the automatic opener had worked, but the closing part hadn’t. They’d be in big trouble if any further foul-ups occurred! Especially further electricals. I mean heck, their plan was foolproof.

Super Violation Part 2
4.2 (5)

After watching the horrifying tape once more, Lois tried to go to sleep. She tossed and turned in agonies of shame, and she hated to admit to herself, erotic exhilaration.

Next morning, Lois was so distraught, she called in sick to work. It was the first time the conscientious reporter had ever done so, unless deathly ill. She was wringing her hands in anxiety for Superman.

“Those terrible bitches have indeed discovered how to truly de-man, and probably even kill him!” Lois brooded in terror. “And with that Kryptonite, destroying him from within—they just may do so, if that wicked Luthor doesn’t accept their offer!! Who knows? In either case, Superman is on the verge of extinction. Not so indestructible, after all.”

Superman, The Downward Spiral Chapter 8 (End)
2.5 (2)

They brought him around with a several sharp slaps, and a few cold wet washcloths. Still bound, he looked around in fear, his eyes desperate, trying to assess his situation—suddenly as if sober, and very much in his right mind. The penetrating shock to his system had done that. He must get help. And now! Or sensed he was irrevocably doomed. Must be free of the Kryptonite, the drugs, his captors, what they had done to him! But how?! The searing burn in his breasts was horrific.

Superman, The Downward Spiral Chapter 6
4 (1)

It was a bit more than an hour later, Superman came to. He ached all through himself, the effects of the Kryptonite laced air he had been unwittingly breathing, and Cat’s injection that had knocked him out (along with the horrible heel of her spite)… severely compromising his invulnerability to pain and harm, and inhibiting the use of his impossible strength, otherworldly powers. He checked his watch, knowing he had to get going.

Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 9-11
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Superman, with Jimmy in his arms, was still completely naked as his costume had been destroyed by the super soldier. Almost immediately upon taking off, he began to grow hard. At first, he thought it was just the stimulation of the air as he flew with no costume, but he soon realized that he was almost hornier than he had ever been in his life. The increased weight and size of his genitals, the thrust of his nipples, making him almost intoxicated. He tried to will the hard-on to go away but it was no use. Jimmy noticed, but pretended not to. Superman knew that he couldn’t fly back to Metropolis this way for fear someone would see him in this condition. “Need to make a detour,” he murmured. “Reconfigure a few things.”

Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 5-8
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Jimmy hurried back to Superman with the keys. He helped Superman struggle back to his feet, and Jimmy was able to unlock the handcuffs. Superman winced as he rubbed his once invulnerable wrists. Even the simple task of pulling up his tights took effort for the one-time strongest man in the world. Jimmy turned to once again crawl through the hole in the bars that were broken by the quick frozen Kryptonian cum. Superman tried following, but soon discovered that the hole created was not big enough for him to get his huge muscular frame through. He instinctively grabbed hold of the bars and his biceps bulged as he attempted to bend them further apart. His massive pecs heaved but still nothing. The bars wouldn’t budge. He instinctively attempted heat vision. A mistake. “Agghhhhhhhhh,” he howled as he covered his eyes with his hands. Not only was there no heat vision left, but his attempt to use it shot jabbing pain through his head. When the pain subsided, he removed his hands to discover his vision was blurred.

Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 3-4
5 (3)

Darkness turned to light as the once undefeatable Man of Steel came to. He shook his head to clear the haze after being choked out by the massive soldier. Sagged to his knees, he hung by his wrists from the restraints he was unable to break. His arm joints felt near to being torn, having taken the heft of his weight.  Somehow, he got back onto his feet and looked around. In addition to the restraints on his wrists, he and Jimmy were also inside a portable jail cell. Jimmy was curled into a protective huddle, relatively motionless on the floor a few feet away. Shivering, but awake.

Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 1-2
5 (2)

Superman landed gracefully next to the newly built dome at the US Army testing facility. He had been invited here to test out the army’s latest state of the art weaponry. He had previously been asked to do similar tasks on many other occasions, and felt it was part of his duty as an American citizen to comply. After all, he was “invulnerable,” and the results of these tests would be invaluable to the army. He approached the front door of the dome and it automatically opened. Upon entering, he was greeted by the two-star General, Matt Barnes. “Welcome, Superman,” who extended his hand to the 6’ 4”, 260 lbs. of skin-tight, blue-clad muscle… who with dark hair, and bright eyes, was unnervingly handsome.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book V Part 5
5 (2)

A scene repeats itself on the remote jungle airstrip of San Miguel.  A C-130 bearing a captured young hero arrives to be delivered and payment collected. This time no chains are needed to bind the captive superhero – for his young mind is magically enslaved and the body now follows blindly. Thus a stupefied Spiderman, unmasked, striped of his anonymity, steps down out of the plane’s cargo bay.