Superman Vanquished Part 10
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Superman Vanquished Part 10 No Mercy Author: Lcross   Superman obediently obeys Eden and remains on all fours with his head lowered on the radiation well’s floor for what seems like hours. Suddenly the numeric keypad flashes and chirps three times and stops followed by the now feared three short but loud successive whops from a siren and the loud audio warning state from the mechanical voice: “Elemental Exposure Sequence Initiated.” A look of fear and betrayal crosses his face as Superman swallows hard and sits back on his knees. “Eden! I did what you asked,” screams a terrified Superman. “Master Eden I begged you!” There is no reply. He gulps hard and quickly doubles over tightly and covers his head with his hands as the disks’ strobe three times in quick succession. He cowers on the mirrored floor as all the panels slowly ramp up again in brightness bathing the caped figure in an eerie green glow reflecting off the steel alloy floor. Superman whimpers as the familiar wave of dizziness washes over him and as tears begin to stream down his cheeks… Read More »Superman Vanquished Part 10

The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 9B
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 5]  The Murder of Clark Kent by Sockrob   Chapter 9 New Friends, Old Friend and Enemies Galore 9B The Cellmate Sgt. Walters spoke into the cellphone in his hand. “Yes Mr. Luthor, we got it all on DVD for you.” He stopped speaking and listened. Then said, “Oh they’ve got the link up and running for you now, do they. Then, don’t you just  love the way your geeky lawyer pick turned out” Then there was a pause, during which the evil fiend on the other end of the communication device, spoke. “Oh yes, he’s actually feeding Supes his filthy socked feet as we speak, but now I guess you are hearing and seeing the whole thing aren’t you.” Walters laughed. ” The stupid boy scout is eating it up. Super sissy is so mind fucked now that he’s even scared of the little nerdy twink. He’s now so emasculated and weak that I bet a ten year old boy could dominate him.” Walters laughed into the cellphone as Luthor spoke some more. “Yes, Mr Luthor, Dalton’s going over his defense strategies with his… Read More »The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 9B

Jokers and Goblins Chapter 6
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]   Jokers and Goblins      Chapter 6   Several minutes had passed and Spider-man was beginning to stir and find himself in an awkward position.  Spider-man’s upper body was stretched to its limit with heavy chains wrapped around his chest and outlining the muscles in his pecs. Chains were securely wrapped around his biceps and wrists, exposing the well haired armpits Spider-man’s hairy legs were nicely showing the quads and his cock at half-mast and his large low hanging balls. “God, I’m in trouble now” thought Spider-man, “have to try and break free but too weak to even attempt” Soon the Green Goblin and the Joker entered the chamber this time only wearing jockstraps. The goblin’s body was muscular and well-built as Norman Osborn kept himself in shape.  His upper body was slightly hairy and his mid-section somewhat smooth. The Joker was an average villain but was in athletic shape as well. He was mainly smooth after the acid bath that he had taken from encountering Batman in his early days. The Goblin walked in front of the hero and snorted, “I’m not sorry that… Read More »Jokers and Goblins Chapter 6

Jokers and Goblins Chapter 5
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Jokers and Goblins      Chapter 5   Several hours had passed and the Joker kept the webbed hero sedated under the drug. The Green goblin had left the premises for quite some time only to come back with a clean costume for the hero. The Joker had not realized that the goblin knew Spider-man’s true identity and knew where he lived. “Oh a fresh change of clothes for the webbed dummy” snickered the Joker.  “Yes so we can eventually see what strength he has left after we are done with phase 3.  Get the boys to get him dressed and don’t unmask him quite yet” ordered the Green goblin. Soon Boris and another well-built thug went into the cell and while one held the weakened drugged hero the other had dressed the hero in a fresh costume.  “Wonder what the two have in store for this moron” asked Boris. “Only the Goblin knows what he’s going to do next” replied the other Meanwhile in the other room, The Green Goblin was letting the Joker know about his next phase.  “This is the plan. We… Read More »Jokers and Goblins Chapter 5