Testing Superman

Testing Superman Chapter 11
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0] This is the last chapter I have from this series, hope you like it.   Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 11   Jimmy was feeling quite strange.  His clothing was feeling tight from his muscle growth and his admiration of Superman was quickly turning to that of disdain and dislike.  The power of Superman’s one drop of semen was making him feel powerful and in a way it was changing his feeling of needing Superman to protect him into one of feeling like a competitor.  Superman’s new found confidence wasn’t helping matters.  Jimmy, however, did not want to let on to his new found strength until he first knew the limits and until he knew if he needed more of the sweet nectar that made him this way. “I’m going to test my visual powers first,” Superman said as he walked to the vault area with a swagger.  He focused his eyes on the vault where valuables were kept and attempted to engage his x-ray vision. It was obvious that he was struggling a little bit as his beefy hands rubbed his eyes… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 11

Testing Superman Chapter 10
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 10   “Jimmy”, Superman said, “I’m so sorry…Like I said, I feel so different and this new feeling power and lack of self control is worrying me a bit.  I fear that the extra strength and increased testosterone level could prohibit me from protecting the people as I have always done.  I must test myself and find out how much control I actually have.  Are you truly willing to stay with me until I can figure things out, Jimmy?”  “Of course I will,” answered Jimmy, who was continuing to feel the amazing effects of the one drop of Superman’s cum he just swallowed.  He could feel his muscles tensing underneath his clothing.  His dick stirred in his boxers and he actually could feel a course coating of ginger hair growing on his chest.  He knew he wanted more but even with this one drop he was beginning to feel like a Superman. “Jimmy”, Superman began, “Before I test my strength and invulnerability, I’d like to test my other powers first.  We know that flight is not a… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 10

Testing Superman Chapter 9
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 9   Superman, carrying Jimmy in his arms, was still completely naked as his costume had been destroyed by the Super soldier. Almost immediately upon taking off, he began to grow hard. At first he thought it was just the stimulation of the air as he flew with no costume, but he soon realized that he was hornier than he had ever been in his life. He tried to will the hard-on to go away but it was of no use. Jimmy noticed, but pretended not to. Superman knew that he couldn’t fly back to Metropolis this way for fear someone would see him in his “condition”. He looked below and saw a deserted area. He landed and put Jimmy down. “I’m sorry, Jimmy, but it appears my new found powers come with some side effects”, Superman explained. He turned from Jimmy, placed his hands behind his head and produced a hands free ejaculation like he never experienced before. “Fffffuccccckkkkkkk”, Superman groaned as ribbon upon ribbon of milky white cum flowed from his now even more enormous… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 9

Testing Superman Chapter 8
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 8   Superman was laying on the ground, still heaving from the lack of oxygen from the soldiers cock in his throat. The soldier dumped so much of his semen down Superman’s throat that his stomach protruded like a beer gut as seen on many muscular construction workers. His abs were still evident but pushed out. With each breath, however he felt stronger and stronger. His plan was working. The solution to his problem lies in the soldiers super cum. His mind raced. Would more cum make him even stronger? Was there any limit to how strong he could become from this super ‘soldiers’ cum. He wanted to test his powers but still didn’t want to give away the fact they were returning. The soldier, coming from another planet near Krypton, with no apparent weaknesses, was still bigger and more muscular that the Man of Steel. Even at full power, Superman was not sure he could defeat him. Feeling he needed more of the nectar that was now the source of his strength, he taunted the hulking… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 8

Testing Superman Chapter 7
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 7   As Superman stood there with the wind knocked out of him, he gasped for breath.Sweat poured down his face.  A drop of sweat mixed with some of the large soldiers cum that spashed on Superman from the soldier’s enormous cum shot.As it ran down his face, it entered his mouth.Superman swallowed and when he did, something amazing happened.  He began to feel some strength courseback through his body.  His mind began to race.  “Could it be that this man’s sperm was the solution to his problem?”Although he felt stronger, he knew this small drop was not enough to return him to the amazingly powerful man he was before being exposed to the red sun rays. But there was a ray of hope.  He felt confident he could take on the soldiers who were restraining him but knew he wasn’t powerful enough to beat the big soldier.In fact, he was beginning to question whether he could even beat him when he was at full strength.  Coming from a planet near Krypton it was possible this man… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 7

Testing Superman Chapter 6
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 6 “I give you permission to exit through the giant hole I was able to make using MY super powers, Super…wait…I’ll just call you Kal-el from now on because Superman just does not seem to fit you anymore…haaahaahaa,” taunted the new “super” man. He stood there bouncing his rock hard pecs which strained against Superman’s much to small top. “This pajama top is becoming bothersome,” the massive man said as he grabbed the one indestructable tunic and in one swift motion, tore it off of his body. Superman and Jimmy watched and were awed by the physique of this man who now stood with only his black tights and boots. “I think I will go with this look when I fly around Metropolis. What do you think, Kal?” the man asked. “Y…y…you can fly?” asked Superman. “Of course I can. But from the looks of you, I don’t think you’ll be joining me anytime too soon.” “But how?” asked Superman. “If you have my powers you must be Kryptonian so the red rays of the sun should… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 6

Testing Superman Chapter 5
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 5   Jimmy hurried back to Superman with the keys. Superman struggled back to his feet and Jimmy was able to unlock the handcuffs. Superman winced as he rubbed his once invulnerable wrists. Even the simple task of pulling up his tights took effort for the one time strongest man in the world. Jimmy turned to once again crawl through the hole in the bars that were broken by the quick frozen kryptonian cum. Superman followed but soon discovered that the hole that was created was not big enough for him to get his huge muscular frame through. He instinctively grabbed ahold of the bars and his biceps bulged as he attempted to bend them further apart. His massive pecs heaved but still nothing. The bars didn’t budge. He instintively attempted heat vision. “Ahhhhhhhhh,” he screamed as he covered his eyes with his hands. Not only was there no heat vision left, but his attempt to use it shot jabbing pain through his head. When the pain subsided, he removed his hands to discover his vision was… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 5

Testing Superman Chapter 4
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 4   Superman, still chained and unable to escape, was standing with his cock at full mast.  Jimmy was obviously in awe of Superman’s 12 inch erect dick and  Superman felt a little tinge of hope.  “How will you be able to ejaculate with  your hands bound,” Jimmy asked.  “Well Jimmy,” Superman explained, “My super  mind control allows me to ejaculate at will, Jimmy.  Just stand back and once I  freeze the bars I need you to run as fast as you can at the bars and hit them  with your shoulder to break them.  It’s our only hope”.  Jimmy complied and stood back watching his hero in action. Superman turned himself and aimed his dick towards the top of the bars in order  have his super semen flow down slowly giving him time to super freeze it  giving Jimmy the opportunity to break out and retrieve the key that unlocked  the hero’s restraints.  Superman began to will himself to cum.  As with all of  his other feats, being a Kryptonian under the earth’s sun gave Superman an… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 4

Testing Superman Chapter 3
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 3   Darkness turned to light as the one mighty man of steel came too. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs after being choked out by the massive soldier. He still hung by the wrists from the restraints he was unable to break. He got back on to his feet and looked around him. In addition to the restraints on his wrists, he and Jimmy were also inside a portable jail cell. Jimmy was still laying motionless in a heap. Superman scanned the room and saw a key hanging from a string and a note hanging under the key. He hoped he would be able to read the note using his telescopic vision. He cautiously began to engage it and sure enough he was able to read the note: Superman:     This is the key to the unbreakable restraints that hold you. Oh wait! They aren’t unbreakable after all, are they? I, a mere mortal, was able to break them with very little effort. Such a pitty! You’ve lost your super strength, your heat vision… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 3

Testing Superman Chapter 2
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]Testing Superman     By Superman Fannn   Chapter 2     The Mighty Man of Steel was experiencing feelings like never before. Uncertain of his future with weaponry that could actually hurt him mixed with fear of vulnerability gave him a sick feeling in his stomach. Injured by bullets, electricity, shrapnel and gas combined with his inability to escape through the door, window or handcuffs actually made him tremble slightly as he stood there shirtless with both arms extended out cuffed by the unbreakable restraints. “Release those cuffs at once, soldier,” said the General to the muscular soldier.  The soldier smirked as he sauntered towards the man of steel with key in hand. As he passed the General, he quickly jabbed a hypodermic needle in his neck and the General dropped to the floor. “What are you doing, Soldier?” demanded Superman.  “You’re in no position to question anything I do, Superman.  You can’t exactly do anything about it now, can you?” answered the hulking soldier.  “You see, Superman, I’ve been hired by Lex Luthor to assure that you will no longer meddle in his… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 2

Testing Superman Chapter 1
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]Testing Superman   By Superman Fannn  Chapter 1 Superman landed gracefully next to the newly built dome at the US Army testing facility. He had been asked to test out the army’s newest state of the art weaponry. He had been asked to do this same task on many other occasions and he felt it was part of his duty as an American citizen to do so. After all, he was invulnerable and the results of these tests would be invaluable to the army. He approached the front door of the dome and it automatically opened. Upon entering, he was greeted by four star general, Matt Barnes. “Welcome, Superman,” Barnes said. “I’m happy to be of service,” replied the man of steel. As the door closed behind them, Superman saw a large muscular soldier, lower a large locking device on the door. The hero wondered why the Army would do such a thing. With Superman there, there was little fear of intruders and as far as keeping the mighty man of steel contained, a lock, no matter how large, wouldn’t keep him contained. The hulking… Read More »Testing Superman Chapter 1