Super-Challenge Part 2
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Author: ConnonKent

Part 2

This story involves scenes of sex and violence with DC Comics Superman. It is written with the utmost respect toward the character.


Camera flashes nearly blinded the audience as everyone quickly snapped shots of TJ pinning Superman’s hand.

“Who are you?”

“Where are you from?”

“How strong are you?”

TJ smiled as the reporters shouted up at the stage. He knew what they wanted. He had a strange hold over people, men and women alike. Actually, it wasn’t so strange. With his chiseled good looks and Adonis body, even cats and dogs would hit on TJ.

“Quiet,” TJ demanded. “Speak when spoken to.”

Silence immediately filled the room. TJ smiled, and everyone present was filled with equal parts fear, awe and desire.

The young god turned his attention back to Superman and smirked when he saw Earth’s greatest hero still struggling to free his trapped hand from beneath TJ’s powerful fist.

“You can use both hands if you like.”

Superman looked into TJ’s steel eyes and, swallowing his pride, used his free hand in a useless attempt to pry TJ’s right hand off his own. With his breath quickening and sweat forming on his forehead, Superman was able to pry one of TJ’s vice-like fingers up only to lose his grip and watch helplessly as the fist clamped down again.

“Enough,” TJ said releasing Superman. “You’re starting to bore me.”

The two men stared at each other across the table. Superman rubbed his sore hand, astonished by the muscle stud. He had beaten every contender this past week, the strongest men and women from a hundred different galaxies, only to be bested by an 18- year old kid.

“Not just beaten,” Superman thought. “This kid destroyed me.”

Superman wasn’t sure how to feel. He was amazed by TJ’s strength and musculature. He was humiliated that this boy had beaten him in such a public way. He’d never been dominated so easily before. Strangest of all, Superman felt a twinge of desire.

Superman stood and extended his hand to TJ. “Wow, TJ. I don’t know what to say”.

TJ’s dimples appeared again. “You can say ‘Ow'”.

And with that brief warning, TJ swept the arm-wrestling table to the side with his left hand, and backhanded his right fist into Superman’s jaw. The resounding “SMACK” echoed thru out the stadium. The sight of Superman’s body flying uncontrollably backward fifty feet into the concrete wall caused the on-lookers to run for the exits, screaming.

Jimmy Olsen’s jaw dropped as he saw TJ gracefully jump off the stage and saunter toward the fallen hero.

“Stay here,” the muscle stud commanded to the young photographer as he passed.

Jimmy had known TJ for nearly a month and had no clue of the power the man was hiding. It wasn’t like the TJ he knew to be so vicious. The ease at which TJ’s bulging biceps had dominated Superman was both frightening and awe inspiring. And yet, despite the horror of seeing Superman in trouble, Jimmy’s eyes couldn’t help but admire TJ’s firm butt encased by the tight jeans he was wearing.

Superman shook his head to clear the stars from his eyes. Looking up, he saw TJ’s muscular, sinewy form stalking towards him. Power and confidence radiated off the hard body in a wave of heat. Superman’s eyes quickly traveled across TJ’s ripped body, using his X-ray vision to scan for any sign of Kryptonite hidden on the young man. There was no other reason why TJ had overpowered Superman so easily. To Superman’s dismay, he found no trace of the poisonous meteor. What he did see was TJ’s smooth and veiny hand reaching for his throat.

The vice grip on his neck was tighter than anything Superman had ever felt before, and he realized that TJ had barely put any effort into squeezing when their hands were lock together while arm wrestling. Slowly, Superman felt his body rise as TJ’s dynamic arm lifted him completely off the ground. The veins snaking up the arm pumped to an inhuman size as blood filled the softball-sized biceps and thick, hairy forearms. It looked like a roadmap of intertwining rivers had sprouted under the tanned, paper-thin skin. Superman desperately grasped at the iron claw at his throat, although he doubted he could break the grip. The hero’s feet dangled a full foot above the ground.

In an effort to escape, Superman decided to fly into the air, hoping TJ would panic and drop his hold. A simple take-off can rocket the Man of Steel into the stratosphere in seconds. If the energy generated from Superman while flying could be harnessed, it would be enough to power Metropolis for a month. Tapping into the mysterious ability that is envied by every mortal man and allows him to defy gravity, Superman shot off at the speed of sound. And didn’t move an inch.

A new level of fear and bewilderment filled Superman’s eyes as he realized TJ’s rock hard muscles were actually anchoring him in place.

“Nice try, Supes.” TJ’s cocky voice had a hint of playfulness to it. “I’ve waited a long time to measure myself up to the Man of Steel.” TJ pulled Superman in close, their noses nearly touching. Superman was stunned to find TJ’s free hand caressing across his chest, the index finger tracing the famous “S” shield, palming down his six-pack abs, and finally resting in a firm, yet pleasant grip on Superman’s package. “In more ways than one,” TJ continued, dimples flaring again.

The hand gently squeezed the cock of steel and TJ guessed it to be around seven inches. Thick, with two egg sized balls nestling below. Superman felt a wave of energy surge from his dick and spread thru his body.

“Not bad,” TJ said. “I can’t wait to see it hard.” The wandering hand then traveled around back to knead the firm, tight, buns of steel. “That’s a nice bubble-butt you got there, Supes.”

For a moment, Superman became lost in TJ’s eyes. And in that moment, Superman felt more confused than ever. He had considered himself straight, despite the boyhood explorations with his friend Pete Ross in high school and the odd blowjob from Batman. He had certainly never been attracted to a villain before. There was something about the beauty of TJ’s face and the magnificence of his body that Superman desired, though. The dick of steel began to stir.

Superman figured that the loss of oxygen must have been clouding his head. That had to be the reason for his arousal. Snapping back to the reality of the situation, Superman hurled three lightening quick roundhouses square into TJ’s face. The muscle power behind those blows had demolished buildings before. A single punch like that had knocked out the Hulk for nearly 20 minutes. TJ’s head snapped back three times, but his grip on Superman’s neck never faltered. The dimpled smile never left the handsome face.

“Wow, I almost felt that. Haven’t you figured it out yet?” TJ leaned his lips right next to Superman’s ear, whispering. “I’m stronger than you.”

One powerhouse left to the stomach and a left-right combo to the head left Superman clinging to consciousness. TJ flung Superman’s body across the stadium, slamming it into the opposite wall. TJ walked past Jimmy, the only other person left in the room. Noticing that Jimmy had followed orders and not moved, TJ patted him on the head. “Good boy.”

Superman struggled to get up, gasping for breath. He decided to let lose with his powers as never before or TJ may actually kill him. Filling his lungs with the precious air he had just been so easily deprived of, Superman pursed his lips and blew a gale force of super-cooled air directly at TJ. Quicker than Jimmy’s eyes were able to register, frost crystals covered TJ’s striking body, the atmosphere around him condensing into hard ice. TJ’s stride slowed to a near crawl and, as Superman’s lungs emptied, the young hunk finally came to a stop. He was completely encased in a solid block of ice at least two feet thick.

“Superman! Are you okay?” Jimmy called out.

“Jimmy. Get out of here!” the hero bellowed.

Jimmy knew he should listen to his friend, a man who had saved his life on many occasions. Still, the commanding voice of TJ ordering him to stay made Jimmy to afraid to move. He didn’t want to anger the muscle beast. Oddly, the desire not to disappoint TJ was what ultimately kept Jimmy’s feet planted.

Superman had barely gotten to his feet when a deafening ‘CRACK’ filled the stadium. Deadly shards of ice whizzed through the air, barely missing Jimmy.

TJ stood with his arms stretched, hands balled into fists like wrecking balls and chest heaving. “I knew you couldn’t wait to blow me,” TJ joked. Superman didn’t believe it possible but TJ’s body looked more ripped then it had a few moments ago. The pump his arms and chest received from muscling out of his makeshift tomb was phenomenal. The remaining ice was quickly melting on the literally hot body, leaving a glistening sheen that clung to the black hairs covering TJ chest and abs. The cuts of the eight-pack stomach on the slim waist were even more defined, once again drawing attention to the treasure trail disappearing beneath TJ’s tight jeans. Superman felt a twinge of jealousy that his own six-pack, while far and beyond most mortal men, paled in comparison.

Superman was running out of options. He wasn’t sure what TJ would do if he got his hands on him, but he doubted it would be good. Muscled legs kicked free of the last of the ice block and TJ started forward again. He saw a look of intense concentration cross Superman’s strong brow. The man of steel’s eyes shut briefly and when they re-opened the cool blue had turned fire engine red.

Superman was always extra careful with his heat vision. Of all his powers, it had the potential to be the most destructive. The intensity of the beam depended on its width, force and heat. A wide, weak beam was perfect for drying off after getting caught in the rain. Add a bit more heat and Thanksgiving turkey was done in 5 minutes. A tighter, more intense blast could weld metal and burn thru bank vaults. When Powergirl had been mortally injured in battle and no scalpel could pierce her Kryptonian-like skin, doctors had called upon Superman’s heat vision to help with the surgery. A blast like that would incinerate a normal human. A blast like the one he now fired at his attacker.

TJ realized what was happening a split second before the super-nova like beam hit him square in the chest. In that second, TJ squeezed his massive pecs to maximum hardness. The flexed crevice between the slabs of beef was insanely deep. Striations covered the expanse. TJ’s large, mouth watering nipples enlarged, perfectly framed by the silky hair. The muscle god screamed in defiance, neck and shoulders bursting with veins. He looked down at the laser pummeling his chest and was shocked to find a circle of red marring the caramel tan skin. Locking his gaze back onto Superman, TJ began to walk forward. His steps were labored as he fought against the near solid beam of heat.

After nearly 8 minutes of the onslaught, TJ had only made it four paces before he was forced to take a step back, his body slumping a bit forward. It was at that moment that Superman’s body gave out. Holding that strong a beam for so long was something he wasn’t used to.

TJ grabbed at his chest, no dimples in sight. “That actually hurt.”

Hope welled in Superman. “This is my chance,” he thought. His pummeled body had enough strength left for one last assault. Pouring all his determination and energy into one final act, Superman rocketed forward at near light-speed and slammed into the bull’s-eye his heat vision had left on TJ with enough power to level a mountain.

It was a mistake.

Superman connected with the immovable muscle chest and ricocheted off the teen. He limply smashed into the stage, demolishing it as he slid 20 feet along the floor. The man of tomorrow lay, strewn in rubble, unable to move, struggling to keep his eyes open.

TJ stood with his feet firmly planted. The blow had not staggered him a bit.

“Fuck me.” Jimmy exclaimed.

“Oh, I will.” TJ retorted.

Jimmy blushed.

TJ turned his attention back to Superman. Walking over, he saw the hero’s eyes were glazed with pain. “Superman, huh?” TJ said as he lifted Superman to a sitting position. TJ squatted down, thighs almost bursting through the jeans, and flexed his humongous biceps in Superman’s face.

“Meet your replacement,” he said, slapping the veiny gun.

Superman focused on the muscle god before him, both terrible and beautiful at the same time. The epitome of male. “You’re right,” he whispered heavily. “You’re the better man.”

TJ leaned in toward Superman and grabbed the back of his head. Helpless, Superman waited for what came next. His mind flashed on his parent’s faces. He would have liked to have seen them one more time. Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Diana…the images of friends and family filled him. The remembrance of past deeds and averted apocalypses made him realized he didn’t mind it ending this way. At least it was against a truly stronger foe.

Instead of the deathblow Superman was expecting, TJ lowered his lips to Superman’s in a gentle kiss. Waves of pleasure coursed through the man of steel as TJ’s tongue parted his full lips and began exploring his mouth. The tongues slowly moved back and forth, Superman giving himself completely. TJ playfully nibbled Superman’s lower lip before pulling away.

The passion of the kiss caused Superman’s cock to once again begin to grow, the sexual energy lessening the pain of battle. Shocked, Superman reached up to caress TJ’s broad, naked back. Rippled muscle moved beneath paper skin. TJ pulled away, steel eyes meeting blue.

“Why?” was all Superman could muster.

“I like to dominate,” came the reply. “And I wanted you to know who was in charge. Seems to me, it’s exactly what you’ve been longing for.”

Superman hated to admit it, but being manhandled so completely had awaked a yearning in him. It made no sense. He had spent years saving abused and battered people from spouses and lovers. He never understood why some of the victims chose to stay with people that had caused them such pain. Superman always flew away considering them weak. He knew the situation he was now in was different, but couldn’t explain why.

“So, what now?” Superman asked, his lips suddenly aching for another kiss.

TJ stood, towering over the man of steel. “I meant what I said. I’m Superman now.”

Superman was stunned.

“Oh, you can still do the hero thing,” TJ continued. “But the name ‘Superman’ is much better suited for these muscles.” TJ ran a hand across his chest; the redness of Superman’s heat-vision was already beginning to heal.

“For now, I’ll just call you Kal-el. That is your name, isn’t it?”

Kal-el nodded. “Yes, sir.”

TJ’s mega-watt smile, complete with dimples, appeared. “Good boy.”

TJ stretched his arms up high, working the kinks out of the corded muscle. “You know, Kal-el,” he said in a playful tone. “After a work-out I get really horny. I can feel my dick getting hard even as I speak.”

Kal-el’s eyes immediately darted to the front of TJ’s jeans. He could indeed see the bulge growing. Kal-el judged it at about eight inches, around the size of his own flaccid cock. Excited and nervous, Kal-el reached up to free the monster from it’s cage. TJ pushed his hands away.

“Just watch and yearn.”

The bulge continued to grow and soon Kal-el heard the unmistakable sound of fabric ripping. The front of TJ’s jeans were being stretched to the limit, threads snapping, unable to contain the muscle cock. The large pink head of the tool burst through the pants. It was the size of a plum and looked just as juicy. The thick shaft continued to lengthen until it stood fully erect, pointing slightly up. The roadmap of veins covering TJ’s forearms were mirrored on the pulsing member. A nest of thick, black hair surrounded low hanging balls.

“That’s eleven inches of muscle fuck power right there,” TJ boasted.

Kal-el rose to his knees and inhaled the musk between TJ’s legs. It smelled like man. He reached up to TJ’s eight-pack and ran his hand along the hairy cobblestone. Kal-el gently flicked his tongue across TJ’s bellybutton, following the happy trail down the rippled abs of steel. He stopped as he reached the base of the powerful shaft.

Kal-el looked up at TJ for permission and was met with the dimples.

“Suck it”.

The man of steel gently kissed down the shaft, following the vein along the underside. When he reached the bulbous head, he could restrain himself no longer. Opening as wide as he could, he took the entire length down his throat until his nose was buried in hair and muscle.

TJ let out a slight moan and, grabbing Kal-el’s hair forcefully, began to buck his hips in an unbridled face-fuck. Kal-el’s hands grabbed onto the muscle god’s pumping ass. It was as hard and muscled as the rest of him. Forcing the mighty cock as deep as it would go, Kal-el gave a silent prayer of thanks for his invulnerability. The power of TJ’s muscle dick would have destroyed anyone else.

“That’s right Kal-el, suck that huge cock.” TJ closed his eyes and threw back his head, thrusting faster and faster. “Kneel before me Kal-el.”

TJ look directly into Kal-el’s hungry eyes. “Kneel before the son of ZOD!”

To be continued….

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