Super-Challenge Part 3
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Author: ConnerKent

Part 3

This story involves scenes of sex and violence with DC Comics Superman. It is written with the utmost respect toward the character.




Kal-el began to gag immediately and looked up at TJ with renewed fear in his eyes. He tried to pull away, but TJ, with just one finger, held his head firmly in place. The new Superman smiled and shuddered as he was brought to the limit, intense spasms shooting load after load of cum in Kal-el’s mouth. The battered hero had problems swallowing the salty cream, but eventually TJ allowed Kal-el to go free. The larger man gasped for breath.

“The son of Zod?” Kal-el asked meekly.

TJ chuckled. “Secret origin time, huh? I guess you deserve the whole story.” TJ ripped the remains of his tattered jeans of and stood majestically before the hero, a small drop of cum still clung to the head of his half-hard cock.

“My true name is Tej-Zod, of the house of Zod. Ursa was my mother.” TJ began. “Have you ever been to the Phantom Zone Kal-el? I’ve become somewhat of an expert over the years.”

Kal-el remembered the hologram of his birth mother Lara explaining to him how Zod, Ursa and Non had been sent to the Phantom Zone for crimes against the Kryptonian people.

“I was told that people in the Phantom Zone were held in a non-corporeal stasis.”

TJ snorted. “That’s only half true. Part of your life force is frozen in the Phantom Zone’s doorway, it looks like a flat windowpane in this plane of reality. But on the other side of the doorway lies a barren, desolate place. Little water, harsh climate and the only thing to eat is a yellow root that tastes like shit. Not a nice place to grow up.”

TJ walked over to the remains of the stage, his muscle ass flexing, and sat down. Kal-el admired the view.

“Your father didn’t know that Ursa was pregnant when he sentenced them. She gave birth not long after they arrived. My mother hated me and tried to kill me on more than one occasion, but Zod wouldn’t allow it. He wanted an heir to the throne he was determined to one day have. That’s not to say he was a good father, though. I learned very quickly to stay out of his way or suffer the consequences. The only friend I had was Non.”

“One day, when I was about thirteen by Earth years, my father was instructing me on battle techniques. This involved him beating me senseless until I could defend myself. Suddenly we heard a deafening explosion and saw a tear in the sky. My parents and Non shimmered and disappeared. I knew then that their prison had been destroyed and they were back in real space. Having been born in the Phantom Zone, I was left alone.”

Kal-el felt a twinge of guilt. He had inadvertently let the Kryptonian villains free while saving Paris from a nuclear bomb. So much death and destruction could have been avoided if he had found another way to deal with that bomb.

“To make a long story short, after living in forced solitude of three years, I found a gateway out of the Phantom Zone and found myself here on Earth, in the underpass of a highway in Seattle.”

“Seattle?” Kal-el asked. “Why there?”

TJ shrugged his massive shoulders. “Hell, I don’t know. The gateway probably could have spit me out anywhere. Anyway, it didn’t take long for my powers to manifest, but with all the heroes on Earth, I didn’t want to cause waves right away. I found out my parents had also arrived here, and nearly conquered the world. Of all the super-powered people, you were the only one who could stop them.”

Kal-el remember how easily the villains had decimated the combined might of the Justice League, Justice Society and the Titans. Very little can stand in the way of a power mad Kryptonian. Three power mad Kryptonians was unthinkable. Not even Wonder Woman had been able to withstand their might. In the end it was Superman and his power syphoning chamber that had brought their terror to an end. Kal-el had barely escaped the fight with his life. The de-powered villains had perished when they fell into the chasm at his Fortress of Solitude and only Lois Lane and Lex Luthor knew the secret of their defeat.

“For the two years I’ve been on Earth I’ve been training my body into peak condition,” TJ continued, giving his hairy pecs a little bounce. “I stayed out of the limelight, but always kept a close eye on you. I could never figure out how you beat them. I mean, one man against three? They had all of your powers, all of your strength and yet you defeated them. And really, it was one man against four if you count Non twice. My father told me that even on Krypton Non was unnaturally strong.”

Kal-el remembered his shock when he was hit by Non for the first time. There was no doubt the hulking man had been much stronger than Superman. It was only his simple mind that kept him from tearing Kal-el apart.

“I decided that on my 18th birthday, I would reveal myself to you and find out just who was stronger. I don’t have the bloodlust of my parents and have no interest in ruling the world. I just wanted it known that I was more powerful than the mighty Superman.”

Kal-el still lay in the rubble, his eyes never leaving the young hunk. That his body had been toned to perfection was not in doubt. But that still didn’t explain what had just happened. How had this boy kicked his ass so easily and why was he so sexually drawn to him? “If you’re just another Kryptonian, how did you become so invincible?”

A dimpled smile spread across TJ flawless face. “You made a big mistake, Kal-el. About a week ago I was prepared to meet you, when I caught a news bulletin that Lex Luthor had been captured by the Justice League. I’d been very interested in meeting him, but he had disappeared when I arrived on Earth.” TJ shot a double biceps, his arms bulging to the extreme. Kal-el let out a little moan. “It wasn’t hard to break him out of prison with these guns.”

“I had a nice little chat with Baldy and it didn’t take him long to spill the beans on how you defeated dear old Mom and Dad. I took a trip up north and found your little hideaway. Guess how happy I was when I found out what you didn’t do.”

Kal-el’s eyes widened with the dawning thought. “The crystal,” he whispered.

Dimpled smile.

The crystal had captured the energies of Zod, Ursa and Non when the red-sun syphoning chamber de-powered them. Kal-el had thought it safely hidden away in his fortress.

“I kept it as a backup in case I ever lost my powers again. You found it and reversed the chamber, didn’t you? That’s why you’re so much stronger than I am. You have the powers of four Kryptonians.” Kal-el’s voice was full of fear.

“Five if you count Non twice,” TJ chuckled. “You can’t imagine the power I feel. It took a couple days to get used to my new strength. Everything I touched was smashed to pieces. Eventually I was able to control myself.”

Another realization dawned on the formerly strongest man alive. Dr. Emil Hamilton had acted as a physician for both Superman and Supergirl over the years. During one of his tests Dr. Hamilton had discovered a pheremone that the two were emitting. They discovered that the pheremone caused humans to have a slightly higher natural attraction to Kryptonians. Dr. Hamilton theorized that the effect on another Kryptonian would be stronger, but since Supergirl was a blood relative, there was no reaction. No wonder TJ seemed to charm all those around him, his pheremone output had quintupled. His sexual magnetism towards another Kryptonian would be astronomical.

“So there you go, Kal. My secret origin.” TJ stood and stalked toward the Man of Steel, a vision of rippling sinew. His cock began to grow steadily as he placed it against Kal-el’s lips. “As a reward for not destroying that crystal, you can lick my dick again. Then we’re going to go introduce the world to the new Superman!”

The end.

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4.8 (4)

    1. As you mentioned maybe the author have more ideas but sadly is all I found of this story. thanks for the comment, hope you are doing well

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