Starlad in Prison Chapters 9-10
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Jiri was starting to sweat a bit already: Dom still looked perfectly in his briefs. He started taunting Jiri and he made a good job of it. Then Jiri made a mistake he could never correct anymore. The croud was roaring it’s encouragement for the dominator.

Starlad in Prison Chapters 7-8
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Sullivan stepped back from the hero who lay on the floor before him and he rubbed his own crotch, while Starlad’s body convulsed.

” Oh yes !!!!! …….. This is going to be fun !!!!!!!! ”

Starlad lay on the ground at the warden’s feet, clutching his balls and throat.

Starlad in Prison Chapters 5-6
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Mysticlad didn’t feel very happy when he watched Starlad’s body at at his feet, wounded and defeated. He felt himself a traitor by having beaten this gorgious well-muscled guy. He felt how his dick was growing when he watched the brused and helpless body of Jiri.

Starlad in Prison Chapters 1-2
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This is the beginning of a story where a Superhero is sent to prison and suffers many humiliations. Here appear others heroes but most of the story is about a young hero named Starlad. This story is part of a bigger universe of stories and to be honest I don’t know the correct order of publication, or if all the stories are in the same universe as I think many authors post about this universe.