Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 9-10
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Sunburst was awake, coughing and sputtering. He still had Tom’s cum on his face from earlier, so the saliva was not as disgusting to him as it might have been. The man in black reached down and picked up the hero by his biceps. The mighty hands of the man in black tightened and pressed down on Sunburst’s upper arms. Sunburst tried to flex his powerful biceps to break free of the grip, but whilehe felt his muscles straining, the grip didn’t loosen. Sunburst struggled but felt his muscle collapse, giving in under the pressure. His arms surrendered, just as he knew he would if the man in black asked him to.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 7-8
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Tom led Carter out of the residence. He had wanted his slave all summer – after all, he had really conquered him without any help. He contemplated taking off, reneging on his side of the deal – after all, he had never needed help in the first place. But one didn’t refuse someone like the man in black. Tom figured he was lucky that the man in black hadn’t just taken Sunburst from him and then killed them both. This was the result when ordinary people messed with supervillains. Tom cursed himself for going online to find ways to counteract Sunburst’s powers and bragging about how he had the goods on him. But Tom was a computer genius – he never thought he could be tracked. Now his confidence was going to cost him.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 6 A-B
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Carter looked down into Tom’s eyes. He could feel Tom’s finger lazily caressing his broad chest and hard abs. Carter knew that the man in his hands was serious. He would destroy him if he did not kneel. But Carter could not do it. He was frozen.

Tom seized the opportunity. He took off his belt and placed it around Carter’s strong neck. He fed the loop through the buckle and pulled it tight. Carter was still frozen, thinking desperately for a solution. Tom pulled hard on the belt-leash, dragging Carter down.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 4-5
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Before getting Sunburst kicked out of the JLA, Tom had spent his time researching Carter Redfield and Sunburst. He went to every chat room and web-site where he thought he could find help. He told people about his discovery (not in detail, but in principle) and they had been more than willing to help. A lot of people hated prettyboy heroes, Tom discovered, not just him. A few men wanted in on the action, but Tom wasn’t sharing. Tom also knew that no one could ever find him – he could be in Timbuktu for all they knew. His security was airtight.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 3 A-C
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Carter had the worst week of his superhero career the second last week of April. Everything that could go wrong did. Now, as he was studying for his last exam, which was 4 days away, he could think of nothing else.

The first incident happened just a week and a half ago when Carter was studying hard for his Physics final. All of a sudden his watch alarm went off again. Since Kirk had moved out to go home, he had taken it off vibrate (too weird a feeling). Another JLA emergency – Brainiac5 was leading Doomsday on a rampage in downtown Metropolis. It would take the entire JLA to defeat the evil genius and his mindless slave.