The sissification of Spider-man

The sissification of Spider-man Chapter 10
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Flash had finally finished suiting up, wondering if something was wrong with his arachnid hero friend. “Where is Spidey? Usually if he sent me something like this, he’d be over to check it out in a second,” thought the Scarlet Speedster as he continued to admire himself in the new webby, body-sock suit that Spidey had made for him.

The sissification of Spider-man Chapter 8
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Spidey screamed in agony as he felt the web fluid blasting from his manhole. The rawness of his anus unbearable, as the cum loads of Dmitry and Ivan mixed with his own web fluid to push lines of webbing out his of abused butthole. The force of the web flow wracked his weakened hero body with pain, yet kept him in a semi-aroused state.

The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 6
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Spidey moaned as his cocooned body hit the floor of the truck. His boned cock was pressed to his rock-hard abs that he had just covered with a load of his young man cream. His masked face in the cocoon was making him sweaty and, it was difficult for him to breathe. Even more troublesome for the hero was that his arms had been cocoon-webbed to the front of his body so that they were pinned to his manhood.

The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 3
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Spidey lay there tormented. His hot, horny hero hole now filled with two of the Wasp’s lycra-covered fingers. He felt them filling up his fairly-tight butthole, while enjoying the arousal the feeling of the fabric caused as the villain worked his Spidey hole open. Spidey groaned as he felt the Wasp’s fat digits spread apart his asshole.

The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 2
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Spidey looked up groggily wondering what had happened to him. His back ached and his muscles felt sore. But at the same time he was aware of the tight sheerness all over his body. The snugness of the weblon body sock was massaging and hugging every inch of his sinewy frame. The only remnant of his suit he could feel was his mask.

The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 1
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Peter Parker hadn’t slept well in weeks. He was constantly tormented by dreams of his last and almost total defeat by a new villain called the Wasp. Once again Pete (aka Spidey) had failed to keep his arousal in his lycra under control and he let the hot body and outline of the villain’s fat cockhead in the tights get the best of him.