Milking the Stallion

Milking the Stallion Part 23 (Final)
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 3 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion    Part 23 (Final Chapter):  Mind Broken   “I want you to find him at all costs – dead or alive! And Ruin too!” yelled Lex Luthor into the phone followed by a loud angry slam. With a sigh, Lex laid back on his chair alone in his office as he anxiously played with his cigar smoke in the dark, barely lit by the light of the clear full moon shining through the tall window panel behind his desk. It was an unsettling night. The air was still and stifling. There were no news from Ruin for the past two months. Neither were there any sightings of the Man of Steel himself. It was as if the two people had disappeared right from the face of the earth. The sudden appearance of Parasite in his premises was equally disturbing. That infernal creature had singlehandedly destroyed his multi-million dollar laboratory and the entire stock of Superman’s precious cum. Lex ground his teeth at the very thought of the foul creature. He swore vengeance silently to himself. It was all too coincidental –… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 23 (Final)

Milking the Stallion Part 22
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion    Part 22: Twins   Parasite leaned forward down to the quivering blindfolded Man of Steel who had absolutely no clue of his predicament and peeled off the eye mask in the most deliberate manner. The dim light felt overpowering to the pale lipped superhero. His vision was a complete blur at first and gradually sharpen. The black figure that knelt before him between his thighs slowly came into form and color. It took him a complete astonishment. Instead of the small and petite professor, there before him was a muscular purple monster with a huge suction mouth like a leech. “Who …who .. are … you?” asked the bound and helpless superhero, his voice stammered breathlessly. “Don’t you remember me, Superman?” the Parasite retorted mockingly. “Your forgotten friend from the high security prison cell, devoid of all human contacts.” The voice – it is so familiar. Superman closed his eyes for a second and opened his eyes again in with a dreaded fear. “Parasite,” replied Superman silently. Realizing his grave situation, he tried to summon his last remaining strength, if… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 22

Milking the Stallion Part 21
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 4.5]  Milking the Stallion  Part 21: The Cure   “Professor Hamilton?” asked Superman as he stood at the doorway leading in a dimly lit laboratory. “Yes Superman, come in,” answered the bespectacled professor who walked out of the shadows, almost deliberately. Superman walked in confidently and stood in front of the professor with his arms folded. The dim light outlined and accentuated his well-defined biceps and his partially squeezed pecs arms like two mounting mole hills, one casting shadow on the other. The mighty S emblem subtly expand and contract in rhythm to those pecs with each breath the Man of Steel took. In comparison to the swimmer-built bulk of a hunk, the professor stood half a head shorter, half balding and looking frail, though his eyes betrayed immense knowledge and intelligence. “I heard you have finally come up with a solution to my problem, professor,” said Superman. “Indeed I have, Superman,” replied Professor Hamilton as he held up a vial of liquid toward Superman. “This liquid is my concoction, containing a designer drug, aimed to permanently counteract the effects of the kryptonian sex drug.… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 21

Milking the Stallion Part 20
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion    Part 20: Secrets Revealed   “Most interesting … ” muttered the man in lab suit as he observed through the microscope. while jotting down notes. It was late at night, no one was around in the laboratory at Lex Corp except this scientist.  The lights were off everywhere else except his desk. His unruly hair and unshavened face suggested countless sleepless nights. But the studies on Superman’s precious sperm were too intriguing. Not to mention the constant pressures from Lex Luthor to discover a way to fertilize human eggs with those sperms. There were limited stock and time is running out fast. A sudden screech sound of the door coming from the corner of the laboratory startled the scientist, breaking him from his deep concentration. “Who is that?” The scientist asked out loud while peering into the darkness. Minutes of uncanny silence went by. “Hello?” asked the scientist again as he stood up from his chair. Suddenly a purple figure lunged out from the darkness and grabbed the scientist.  A purple glow filled the room for a few seconds and… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 20

Milking the Stallion Part 19
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 19: Free Again   Life had been miserable and lonely – to the point of being almost unbearable, in this dark prison cell. It was pure agony, especially for someone who had tasted the powers of godhood, to only fall rock bottom. He swore vengeance and the years spent behind the bars had not quench his anger a single bit. Instead, his hatred had grown beyond logic and sense. However, it looked like he will only spend his final days in this dark cell – to die a lonely, broken man. The thought of his helpless situation and his utter humiliation sent Rudy Jones, or Parasite, as he is now formally known as, into a reckless rage. He knelt up and screamed at the S-emblem drawn on the wall, a reminder of the very being that let him tasted power but who had also defeated him in the end, and punched at it repeatedly with all his now limited might. Finally the pain in his knuckles were too much to bear. The Parasite slumped down, Fresh blood stains trickled… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 19

Milking the Stallion Part 18
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 18: Confessions   It was a peaceful and quiet night except for the constant murmur of prayers that filled the grand hall of the cathedral. Finally the last bead of the rosary, the young blond priest in kneeling position at the alter, dressed in black robe, ended his routine prayer. He bowed to the crucifix in complete reverence, made the sign of the cross and stood up. The large crucifix was laid against the back drop of gothic stained glasses with patterns of various saints and angels, lighted strategically by candles. The priest let off a sigh at the awe inspiring view. It is moment like this that makes priesthood worthwhile. The priest felt a sudden gush of wind as if someone had walked passed behind. He looked around and right before his eyes was the Man of Steel floating in mid air. The priest’s jaw dropped at the sight of the immaculately beautiful angel of justice – tall and muscular, powerful and mighty. Completely awed and captivated, the priest felt his knees buckled and knelt down. Superman glided… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 18

Milking the Stallion Part 17
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 17   Lois Lane sat on a chair as she waited anxiously on her rooftop garden. These few months had been most distressing. She had not seen Superman and had only received calls and messages from him. Though such long absences had happened before, her perceptive mind told her there is something amiss this time. She couldn’t quite pinpoint what though. She had tried to get information from all her sources but none of them seem to know anything. He’s probably working on some top secret mission, she reasoned to herself. What else could make the Man of Steel spent all his time on? The sudden announcement of his departure from JLA made her more anxious. He could have at least talk to her after the announcement but he was gone as soon as he appeared at the JLA news conference. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The JLA was conceived by Batman, Wonder Woman and me ……….. Due to unforeseen turn of events, I have to regrettably announce my temporary departure from the team. Wonder Woman and Batman will… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 17

Milking the Stallion Part 16
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Milking the Stallion   Part 16   “Help me! Help me!” Superman stopped immediately in mid air as he heard the cry of help. It’s Lois Lane … his love is in danger!  Superman flew to the source of the cries in a hurry and he traced it to an old abandoned warehouse. Superman flew in and there in the middle sat Lois Lane  surrounded by four hunky young men dressed only in a pair of tiniest tight fitting black  briefs. Superman couldn’t help but checked out those guys. They were all pretty well built, each carried a nice package in their crotches. And their bums were all perfectly shaped just like his.   Lois was crying, her hair a total mess, her clothes were badly torned.  “Let her go!” said Superman to the four henchmen as he cleared his voice. The four henchmen turned around and looked at the Man of Steel.  Superman was shocked. These men resembled him somewhat and they looked exactly the same as each other like twins.  “Hello, Father,” said one of them.”We have been expecting you.” The four young… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 16

Milking the Stallion Part 15
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 4]  Milking the Stallion   Part 15: New lease of Life   A terrible smell drew the Man of Steel from the blackness. “Wake up Superman,”said a voice. Superman slowly opened his eyes. He tried to rub his eyes with his hands but gave a sudden groan of pain instead. Sharp pains pierced right through his muscles all over. The pain was so intense that he broke into sweat and lied back helplessly. He looked around with his half lid eyes and there stood a man in white coat alone in the room with him. The man took away his smelling salts and began to gently remove the straps and electrodes as he tend to Superman’s wounds at the same time.  “Uggggg!” cried out the Man of Steel as the man in white accidentally exert too much pressure cleaning on a tender spot on his chest. “I’m sorry Superman,”said the man silently as he turned back to the doorway in fear.”I didn’t mean to hurt you. Try to keep your voice down.” Superman closed his eyes. There was a sense of pure desperation that was… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 15

Milking the Stallion Part 14
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion    Part 14: Dark Victory   Lex Luthor stood by the overgrown Blue Scout who is now moaning in heat from the constant supply of the drug labelled KV dripping into his blood stream, admiring the beautiful mass of muscles one last time. “You know what makes me HATE about you most, Superman? Your chiselled good looks, that overgrown muscled body  and your stubborn conviction to goodness. Your utter MALENESS puts me off.” Lex squeezed the huge and powerful biceps, then caressed the heaving pecs, and continued,”And it turns me on to crumble your body and mind. Today will be the day where I, Lex Luthor, shall eradicate the source of your manhood!” Lex held Superman’s scrotum tightly as he spoke closely to his face. “I have discovered that these balls not only contain sperms but are also the entire source of your maleness. Due to my greater intellect, this titanium cum sucking machine will suck out every drop of cum those balls can produce. Your balls will try to compete against the depletion by setting out in a production frenzy,… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 14

Milking the Stallion Part 13
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the stallion    Part 13: Preparation   Superman sat up suddenly from his sleep. He looked around. He was alone in the room. Lex must have left the room while he slept. He laid back on the bed, still feeling pretty tired from the incredible work out with Lex. Thoughts of confusion came back. He tried to make some sense but couldn’t. He thought about Lois again, then about his parents, the Kents. He had always been straight in all his life, not that he is against gay, but it never occured to him that he could enjoy the sex. And of all people, Lex Luthor …. A great sense of shame overwhelmed him. What happened to his will and integrity? What is happening to him? The honorable, strong and unfaltering symbol of truth and justice. He felt his life destroyed and in a total mess. The elevator door opened and four henchmen walked in. Superman sat up again. “You are ordered to the lab,” said one of the henchmen. What is it this time, thought the Man of Steel as he stood… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 13

Milking the Stallion Part 12
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 3 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 12: Mind Bent   It had been five days since the recapture. The wounds on Superman’s body were almost healed completely. The drugs were served consistently every four hours through day and night. And Superman would diligently supply his load of cum for the scientists to perform more evil experiments on his helpless sperms. There was a huge sense of guilt and shame after each session of self gratification. He would resolve to try to resist each time but all resistance crumbled when his cravings started with the drugs served up to him beneath his nose. Each time he fed himself with the drug, all those sense of guilt would disappear into thin air and he would work to pleasure himself. Over time, he grew numb and stopped fighting it completely. In fact, he lost a bit of himself everytime he orgasmed under the effect of the drug. By the fourth day, he was beginning to look forward to each session. Every cell of his body is now tainted and infused with the insidious drug. Due to his innate… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 12

Milking the Stallion Part 11
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 11: A Different Bliss   It is a perfect day. No crimes. No war.The weather is great. Time for some great romance. Superman flew to Lois’ apartment, his hand holding a bunch of roses – good old fashioned love. The window was opened in apparent expectation of his arrival. Superman flew in, and looked around the room in expectation for the woman of his life.. He heard a muffled moan. The voice was familiar. “Right there ! Oh yes! Oh yes!” He recognize the voice. It’s a man’s voice. It’s Batman. Superman’s heart pounded. What is Batman doing in Lois’ bedroom? Slowly he opened the door to Lois’ bedroom. There before his eyes, Lex Luthor fucking Batman in the ass on the edge of the bed facing Superman. He looked round the room – Green Lantern, Flash, Robin, Hawkman – all sleeping naked peacefully, occasionally letting off a satisfied moan and sigh. Batman looked up to Superman. It was a look of pure satisfaction. “Like what you see?” Lex asked seductively. Superman stared hungrily. He dropped the bunch of… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 11

Milking the Stallion Part 10
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 10: Cold Turkey Superman, floating in mid air, let the incoming sun shone down on him. He closed his eyes as his body bathe in power. He felt his body shivered a little. He ignored it for a second, thinking it was likely due to the sudden infusion of power from the yellow sun. But he began to feel strangely thirsty and light headed. His throat felt dry. The tremblings became more obvious and uncontrolled. And his hands grew icy cold as if blood had withdrawn from those vessels. Cold sweat began to form in large droplets all over his body. Oddly Superman felt a certain craving he had never felt before. He thought he smelt the scent of the kryptonian drug. Images of the message oil and the hypothermal needles kept poping into his mind. Superman opened his eyes and looked around below at the henchmen, his vision began to blur. All the henchmen looked back up to Superman in confusion – there lies the chance for the Man of Steel to escape but there he was floating… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 10

Milking the Stallion Part 9
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 3 Average: 2.7]  Milking the Stallion   Part 9: The Escape   Superman was woken from his sleep in his cell as the door opened. Two henchmen walked in with a tray of food and placed on the floor. Slowly, Superman crawled over in apparent weakness and started to eat using his bare hands. The two henchmen sneered at the pathetic sight of the former superhero. “Hey Superman, show some balls!” laughed one of the henchmen, mocking Superman’s meekness despite his bulging sack of balls. The henchman lifted his foot and pushed Superman’s head into the bowl of food. Superman meekly lifted his head from the bowl and continued to eat using his bare hands. The two men shaked their head at Superman and left the room – any last traces of fear and respect for this man were long gone. It had been two days since the last ordeal in the lab. Superman was back in his custume but red and blue lacked its usual lustre. Food had been served at usual times. Superman took whatever was served, he needed the energy. Those food despite being… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 9

Milking the Stallion Part 8
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 8: Lab Rat   The elevator door opened, Superman stepped into the lab together with the henchmen. Dr Rhamsdin and a team of doctors had been waiting for their arrival. “Having fun?” asked Dr Rhamsdin, as he noted all the dried cum stains on Superman’s suit and face. The delicious musky scent of superman’s dried filled the room. “We can’t possibly be conducting tests in your current state of filthiness. It’s good that I expected this. I have my two interns prepared to clean you up. Max and Jon, come get our subject cleaned. I want him scrupulously clean!” Two hunky lads clad only in red hot speedo emerged from the crowd, looking ready to get wet. They went up to Supernan’s side and guided him to the shower room. The shower room was made of clear transparent glass. Everyone stood around the shower room to watch the cleaning process. The interns slowly stripped Superman piece by piece until he was totally naked, revealing the full glory of his entire toned body. Every muscle and tendon were well defined… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 8

Milking the Stallion Part 7
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Milking the Stallion   Part 7: The Submission   It was not a restful sleep. It was a sleep filled with many dreams – many vivid, lewd dreams. Dreams of Superman fucking a horde of willing men and women – Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Green Lantern, Robin, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, Jimmy, unknown people down the street. Men, women – it dosen’t matter. All it mattered was him cumming over and over, getting his nuts off. This was not the Superman of truth, justice and morality. This was a super man whore free from all responsibilities, honor and ethics.  Breaking out in cold sweats, Superman opened his eyes slowly. His vision was blurred for a moment, and slowly sharpened. He began to make out the figures in front of him … Sitting right in front was his arch nemesis,Lex Luthor who was watching Superman. There were a group of henchmen standing behind. Beside Lex, stood two curious looking men in a white lab coat. “Had a good sleep? We had been waiting patiently for you.” said Lex, finally breaking the silence. His tone hinted… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 7

Milking the Stallion Part 6
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 6. The Release   “Well, well, well, the indomitable Superman begging me?” taunted Lex Luthor as he walked into the room together with two bodyguards. Lex stopped momentarily, taking a deep breath. “Smell of a kryptonian in heat.” “Lex, please … my nuts are burning … Make me cum … Please …,” pleaded the Man of Steel breathlessly. He was hyperventilating. Lex Luthor was clearly enjoying every moment. The great and almighty Superman, begging Lex Luthor to masturbate him, he mused. “You mean you don’t mind me doing those “sick” experiments on your sperms?”asked Lex mockingly. The Man of Steel stared blankly and closed his eyes. Finally he shook his head in defeat.”No, I don’t care. Do what you want with them. Please just make me cum. I beg you, just make me cum …” Lex Luthor laughed. It was a power trip he truly enjoyed. Lex went up real close toward Superman, pulled his head forward and kissed Superman roughly. Superman did not resist. He let Luthor’s tongue invade freely into his mouth. It was a sign of… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 6

Milking the Stallion Part 5
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]  Milking the Stallion   Part 5: The Breaking   He felt hands cupping his balls again. Squeezing deliberately. “Please … stop this,” pleaded Superman weakly, his head resting against pole at an uncomfortable angle. His eyes closed, trying to lock himself out of reality. He was breathing hard. His head was filled with his sweat dripping down. Six days had passed by. He had not cum yet. His cock had been painfully erect all these while. A definite death sentence to any normal human. This is, however, the mighty Superman. His heart still beating strongly despite the brutal assualts. The constant erection had not done any real physiological harm to his body …yet. However, the burning desire in his loin was growing stronger with every tick of the clock, and this desire was consuming him. Superman felt his crotch uncomfortably tight against the briefs. There was usually more room. He felt something heavy in his groin, unusually heavy. More precum oozed from the cock. This had been going on periodically as if to release some kind of pressure like an active volcano. It was… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 5

Milking the Stallion Part 4
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Our Score Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5]  Milking the Stallion   Part 4: Feeding the Balls   It had been an hour since Luthor left the room. There were guards outside the room. Superman looked around. He tried to concentrate his eyes on the chains, but it was of no use. The heat ray simply wouldn’t shoot out. He thought back to those times when he could kill Luthor. Back then, he believed it is wrong to take a life, no matter how bad the person is. How wrong was he to believe that! He should have eradicated this man when he could and save the world from all these troubles and himself too from this precarious situation. His thoughts were interrupted as he hear footsteps coming toward the door. Two henchmen walked in. One of them was holding a tray with two glasses of pinkish colored liquid like strawberry milkshake. Placing the other glass on the table, the henchman brought the first glass toward Superman. “Drink,” the henchman instructed, while bringing the glass to Superman’s mouth. Seemingly obedient, Superman opened his mouth and took a mouthful. The liquid tasted awful.… Read More »Milking the Stallion Part 4